Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Dua e Nudba is one of the most famous dua, usually Shia Muslims recite this supplication on Friday mornings before the sunrise lamenting Imam al-Mahdi (a).

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Where is the ultimate Divine source of plenty and prosperity? The blame of any blamer would never stop him from doing anything for the sake of Allah. Where is the “preserved guaranty” who shall give new life to rule of law and refined way of life?

O son of superabundant bounties! Unite us with him. O son of the immaculate and purified ones! It makes me sad to get favorable reply from anyone other than you, but to be duped and cheated in the end.

An unparalleled and outlandish approach was applied to the directions of the Messenger of Allah, Blessings of Allah be on him and on his childrenconcerning the “Guides” Imaamsone after the other.

Where is the one terminating the insolent defiant and persistent rebels? O inheritor of the reason that had been put to experiment! Or which land or soil is carrying you?

In it, there are clear-cut proofs. And please bless him cua such blessings whose number is infinite. Allow him to put an end to evil and corruption, and satisfy his Love for the faithfuls and dislike for the sinners.

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth – video dailymotion

Is there any helper with whom I may lament and bewail as much as I wish? Where are the authorities of the religion. Lawful was for him Aliin “the mosque”, that which was permitted to him Muhammadall doors were closed, except his door.

And, through him too, make our sustenance expanded for us. Killed him a malicious criminal, a contemporary, serving the interest and following the doctrine of earlier impudent villians. You also settle my debts.

May my soul be ransom for you; for you fua an unmatched pioneer of dignity. Where is the one spared for refreshing the duties and traditions?

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth

We are Thy servants, longing for Thy friend appointed authoritywho reminds us of Thee, and Thy Prophet, who was created as a refuge and asylum for us, established as a foundation and spring of truthfulness for us, and was made the Leader-Guide of the faithfuls.

Wa ba’-zun hamaltahu fee fulkeka wa najjaytahu wa man aamana ma-a’hu menal halakate berahmateka wa ba’-zun ittakhaztahu lenafseka khaleelan wa sa-alaka lesaana sidqin fil aakhereena fa-ajabtahu wa ja-a’lta zaaleka a’liyyan wa ba’-zun kallamtahu min shajaratin takleeman wa ja-a’lta lahu min akheehe rid-an wa wazeeran wa ba’-zun awladtahu min ghayre abin wa aataytahul bayyenaate wa ayyadtahu be-roohil qodose wa kullun shara’-ta lahu sharee-a’tan wa nahajta lahu minhaajan wa takhayyarta lahu awseyaaa-a mustahfezan ba’-da mustahfezin min muddatin elaa muddatin eqaamatan le-deeneka wa hujjatan a’laa e’baadeka wa le-allaa yazoolal haqqo a’n maqarrehi wa yaghlebal baatelo a’laa ahlehi wa laa yaqoola ahadun lawlaa arsalta elaynaa rasoolan munzeran wa aqamta lanaa a’laman urfu fanattabe-a’ aayaateka min qable an nazilla wa nakhzaa.


Where is he nuddba shall love dearly the favourites of Allah and take pains to tame and train the trangressors?

Azeezun a’layya an yajreya a’layka doonahum maa jaraa hal min mo-e’enin fa-oteela ma-a’hul a’weela wal bokaaa-a hal min jazoo-i’n a-osaa-e’da nuudba ezaa khalaa hal qazeyat a’ynun fasaa-a’dat-haa a’ynee a’lal qazaa hal elayka yabna ahmada sabeelun fatulqaa hal yattaselo yawmonaa minka be-e’datin fa-nahzaa mataa naredomanaahelakar rawiyyata fa-narwaa mataa nantaqe-o’ min a’zbe maaa-eka faqad taalas sadaa mataa noghaadeeka wa noraa-wehoka fa-noqirro a’ynan mataa taraanaa wa naraaka wa qad nasharta lewaaa-an nasre toraa a-taraanaa nahuffo beka wa anta ta-ummul mala-awa qad malaa-tal arza a’dlan wa azaqta aa’-daaa-eka hawaanan wa e’qaaban wa abartal o’taata wa jahadatal haqqe wa qata’-ta daaberal motakabbereena waj-tasasta osoolaz zaalemeena wa nahno naqoolo al-hamdo lillaahe rabbil a’alameena allaahumma anta kashshaaful kurbi wal balwaa wa elayka asta’-dee fa-i’ndakal a’dwaa wa anta rabbul aakherate wad dunyaa.

One was made to cruise the “Ark”, and had been rescued, and kept safe from destruction through Thy mercy.

It is hard for me that what has happened afflict you other than all the others. Is there any eye moling out and thus my eye may help it to mol out more? O son of light-giving full moons!

O son of clear-cut and dazzling substantiations! O inheritor of the clear preaching! So Thou just as chose him master of Whosoever Thou created, made him whom Thou Selectedpure, clean and the best, exalted and praised him whom Thou electedsurpassed in generosity and liberality while bestowing high-mindedness and beneficence upon dka whom Thou took in confidence and relied upon ; made translaation leader-in-chief of all thy Prophets, and sent him to the troubled world of men and jinn, among Thy servants, lowered and humbled before him the Easts and the Wests, under his total control was brought all affairs, exalted his soul in Thy heavens gave over to him the knowledge of what took place and what will happen, concerning facts and operation of creation.


Let us be with him when he makes peace, and frees mankind from fear, gives currency translaton love are kindness, brings bliss and happiness, spreads good and virtue, so that we may do our best to promote his cause through Thy mercy, and win victory for Thee.

One dwelled in Paradise until Thou sent him on as the first Prophet. Where are the children of Husayn? He thus exterminated the villains of the Arabs. Badr, Khaybar, and Hunain created jealousy and envy in them, therefore, united they joined hands to oppose him, and came out in great number to fight against him, till he destroyed all deserters, who had swerved from what was right, the shameless who deviated from true religion, while he was carrying out the important mission.

Where is the one tearing up the people of obstinacy, misleading, and atheism? O Son of the most refined high-minded liberals! O inheritor of the absolute joy and happiness! So, You preferred him to Your prophets. You thus provided them with sublime mention.

Where is the son of the well-chosen Prophet. Where is the link that connects the cosmic complex? Summa ja-a’lta ajra mohammadin salawaatoka a’layhe nudga aalehi mawaddatahum fee ketaabeka fa-qulta qul laa as-alokum a’layhe ajran illal mawaddata fil qurbaa wa qulta maa sa-altokum min ajrin fahowa lakum wa qulta maa as-alokum a’layhe min ajrin illaa man shaaa-a ayn yattakheza elaa rabbehi sabeelan fa-kaanoo homus sabeela elayka wal maslaka elaa rizwaaneka falamman qazat ayyaamohu aqaama waliyyahu a’liyyabna abee taalebin salawaatoka a’layhemaa wa aalehemaa haadeyan iz kaana howal munzera wa le-kulle qawmin haadin fa-qaala wal mala-o amaamahu man kunto mawlaaho fa-a’liyyun mawlaaho allaahumma waale man waalaaho wa a’ade man a’adaaho wan-sur man nasarahu wakh-zul man khazalahu wa qaala man kunto anaa nabiyyahu fa-a’liyyun ameerohu wa qaala anaa wa a’lyyun min shajaratin waahedatin wa saa-irun naaso min shajarin shattaa.

Make us feel more deeply for him. O son of him who is elevated and full of wisdom in the original of the Book with Allah. Your blessings be upon him and his Household. Where is the “Chosen in preference good” who shall raise the spirits of the people and give trxnslation to justice and fairplay?

Where is the left by Allah. Where is he who shall separate senselessness and insolence from the people?

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