Many of Edgar Cayce’s readings referred to gems, stones, minerals, metals and elements. The author lists many of these and gives information on their role in. Notes of the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, as contained in Ballard’s book. Edgar Cayce, assisted by his loyal stenographer, Gladys Davis, recorded over 14, psychic readings. In all these readings, he recommended gemstones.

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Start a Group Near You. Atlantic University back Transpersonal Psychology. Legacy Giving back Add A. I believe that is the case with many energetic remedies, such as the stones; we can tune into frequencies to discover the best vibrations to use to enhance our lives. You can learn more about gemstones from the Circulating File “Gemstones” available in the online Member-Only section of our website.

Even though we cannot see the things we imagine, they work! Crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz, and aquamarine are among the stones I will be discussing in greater detail during my upcoming lecture at the Annual Psychic Development Conference in Novembercalled Top Ten Psychic Stones of All Time. About Us back Our Mission. Media Center back Contact Public Information. Benefits – Why Join?

Edgar Cayce Guide To Gemstones

Then, using the power of imagination, I visualized ccayce white bubble of light sitting over the home, and just as you would do during a healing session, I asked that within this healing light that only that which is of highest good can come through, and that the home be protected and peaceful.


Education back Atlantic University. What kind of world will this future be? Edgar Cayce Foundation back Treasures from the Vault. Prophecies Yet to Come. Gifts of Retirement Assets. Ask for what you want! Edgar Cayce Legacy Society. Pick up the selected stone and sit with it in meditation. We would imagine that it would be one where we would all be aware of our relationship to the whole.

The most frequently mentioned gemstone is lapis, including the forms lapis lazuli, lapis linguis, and lapis ligurius. All stones will assist you in what I call the three major areas of life: Apply to Join the Camp Team pdf.

There are certain stones that are naturally prone to this, and one I recommended was Smoky Edggar, because it has the energy of the crystal with the dark smoke color that forms a natural protective barrier. She is the author of Origins of Huna: Study Groups back Resources. Energetically it enhances our ability to hear spiritual communication and receive messages, but during a gem recommendation I gave recently, I suggested it could be helpful for adding a sense of fun and joy into the home.

Programming a crystal or stone is no different. Imagine you are sending what you want into that stone. Prophecies that Came True. Prayer Services back Join Us in Prayer. Meditation for Gemsfones back 7 Steps to Meditation.

American Society of Dowsers

Prophecies that Wdgar True. Skip to main content Term to Search For. You might also want to carry the stone with you and allow the frequency to affect you throughout the day, depending on what you are trying to create. Spirit Is the Life.


Membership back Benefits – Why Join? Edgar Cayce often recommended various stones for people, saying that placing stones on or near the body—either by holding them or wearing them as jewelry—can actually shift the vibrational frequencies and energy fields surrounding us.

Atlantic University back Transpersonal Psychology. All Conferences back HQ Conferences. Just follow these simple steps: When I work with the colored stones in this way, I like to begin with the knowledge of what the stone is good for in the first place, then allow the programming to enhance those abilities to work in specific ways for specific people. Life’s Purpose and Challenges. Lapis is generally an azure blue or a deep-blue opaque stone, but efgar may have a green, violet, or even red tint, making recognition more challenging.

Edgar Cayce Guide To Gemstones

Most of all, have fun! Since the readings indicate that lapis, or lapis lazuli, was composed of copper, it is difficult to know if it is the same gemstone.

Gifts of Real Estate. Part 2 will look at metals in the readings and information on how to choose the right stone.

It was recommended as an aid to meditation and a “helpful influence towards making…decisions in dealing with mental attributes. Bookstore-Sponsored Events back Conscious Community.

Only via the A. What would that be like? Donate back Make a Donation. Virginia Beach HQ back A.

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