In Europe, the scholarly reputation of Ernst B. Haas is inseparably linked to the vicissitudes of something called ‘neofunctionalism’. It is as the founding father of. The two main competing theories of EU integration are Neo-functionalism and It is a theory of regional integration, building on the work of Ernst B. Haas. Ernst B. Haas and the legacy of neofunctionalism. Philippe Schmitter. Uploaded by. Philippe Schmitter. 6 A Revised Theory of Regional Integration PHILIPPE C.

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The theory, initially proposed by Stanley Hoffmann and refined by Andrew Moravcsik suggests that governments control the level and speed of European integration.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, The latter are a specific sort neofunctionalim tension-producing conditions that are generated by the integration process itself, i. In doing so, he took a considerable risk since the ECSC was an obscure organization that did not fit comfortably within the established categories of the discipline of international relations at the time. Again, a great deal depends on how the EU goes into demise and what consequences this triggers. As a theory it has the advantages of being able to predict the outcome of integration and clearly explains which actors must be studied in order to explain integration.

Moving -outside this zone—which is what a dynamic political theory of integration should focus upon—does involve costs.

No theory of regional integration has been as misunderstood, caricatured, pilloried, proven wrong and rejected as often as neo-functionalism. It is neifunctionalism plausible to image a vicious triangle neofunctioonalism So far, the various packages of proposed fiscal, budgetary and regulatory measures to save the EURO have completely ignored the imperative of political legitimation.

Indeed, his initial work came out of a critical encounter with its precursor, the functionalism of David Mitrany. Essays in Honour of Karl W.

Of course, this may not expand the ranges of variation very much, since there is likely to be substantial autocorrelation in many variables. For politicians, it has the singular advantage of avoiding the controversial term: What if the crisis runs deeper and long precedes neofunctionalissm decision to establish a common currency?

Needless to say, any theory about how neofunctionalisj to mention, when this happens has to be purely speculative. Member internal pluralism MIP: Haas and the legacy of neofunctionalism. Needless to say, once the EU went ahead and enlarged itself, neo-neo-functionalism might have incorporated this fact within its calculations, for example, with regard to the impact of greater interest diversity on trans-national group formation or the likelihood that the sheer increase in numbers would have an effect upon the promotional role of the Commission.

  IEC 60296 PDF

These can be specified by induction fr 5m existing empirical research and can be understood in a probabilistic sense by means of a single analytical model. Bonn and Rome were unwilling to give way.

Haas, and subsequently and more systematically in his Beyond the Nation-State7 E. Clearly, identical strategies based -on similar responses to regional processes are everywhere rare and likely -to get rarer due to asynchronies as integration -pr-oceeds.

Ergo, the main consequence of this is the systematic over-representation of smaller member states — and the average member state has tended to get even smaller over time. Decisions about integration are normally taken with very imperfect knowledge of their consequences and frequently under the pressure of deadlines or impending crises. This Treaty committed its signatories to establishing a common currency, the Euro, something that had been muted on several occasions, but always rejected as intruding too far, materially and symbolically, into the sovereignty of member states.

So far, however, none has produced self-encapsulation. Another way of stating this is that the relationship between indicators of change at the national and regional level is likely to be curvilinear or, better, parabolic. Expansion into additional functional tasks, yes; extension into additional territorial units, no. Why did Haas lose faith in neo-functionalism?


Fayard,pp. The theory rejects the spillover-effect argument and the idea that supranational organisations wield political influence on par with that of national governments. Functionalism in international relations. In each case the prediction is probabilistic, i. The obsolescence of regional integration theory. European integration and supranational governance.

Neo-Gramscianism Critical security studies Critical theory World-systems theory. There is certainly no shortage of self-proclaimed candidates for the job.

Ernst B. Haas and the legacy of neofunctionalism | Philippe Schmitter –

Appropriately, we find functionalism with its neo- and neo-neo-versions in the bottom right-hand corner of the plot. Normally, the response by established national officials to higher costs and wider publics will be entropy. Of course, this may not expand the ranges of variation very- much since there is likely to be substantial autocorrelation in many variables.


A similar case could be made for Neofunctiojalism monetary policy in the aftermath of Nixon’s “shocking” decision to take the US dollar off the gold standard in If the EU were at this point in its evolution which I doubtit would presently be in what I will call below: Some of this may simply be due to increase in the number of member-states since neighboring countries will want to join such a successful venture.

Ernst B. Haas

The level of taxation on middle and lower classes has reached the saturation point and it has become impossible to tax the rich since they have so many means of hiding income or shifting it to foreign sites.

Political, Social, and Economic ForcesStanford: While his recent death has deprived scholars working in this field of neofunctionapism of its most original and creative minds, it has to be said that, except for a recent preface to the re-edition of his seminal contribution, The Uniting of Europe, Haas had made no contribution to neo- functionalism for over thirty years.

Now they begin to appear erndt differentiated actors, as a plurality of negotiating units classes, status groups, sub-regions, clientelas, bureaucratic agencies, ideological clusters, etc. Certain prior changes in elite values, e.

Haas was married to the late Hildegarde Vogel Haas for 57 years. Haas, The Uniting of Europe Stanford: Such populisms are neofunctionalis, intrinsic, if periodic, temptation in all democracies 5 They are the side product of systems of sclerotic and oligarchic political parties haxs have become incapable of representing existing citizen preferences or articulating credible future projects for the polity as a whole.

International relations terminology International relations theory.

Once integration has started it will be a self-continuing force that will eventually integrate the whole of Europe – is clearly wrong. European, system of political parties which will serve to aggregate national and regional NGOs into a more unified system of representation, to provide a permanent intermediary focus for the diffuse sense of regional loyalty and identity, and, most importantly, to link the crisis issues to the broader concerns of the citizenry on a territorial, and not just a functional, basis.

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