ESCRITURA Y PERSONALIDAD (CON CUADERNO DE FIGURAS). Augusto Vels. Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping: US$ From Spain. : Escritura y personalidad: bases cientificas de la grafologia ( Spanish Edition) () by Augusto Vels and a great selection of similar. La selección de personal y el problema humano en las empresas by Vels, Augusto and a Escritura y personalidad: las bases científicas de: Vels, Augusto .

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Etymologically, graphology means the science of the study of graphisms graphos: The various graphological specialisations arise as a result of the direction, or discipline, given to said study.

In some of these specialisations graphophysiology, medical graphology, forensic handwriting analysis, etc.

Graphology is the study of graphismshandwritten graphic symbols that represent words and ideas; this technical term graphism is to be understood in its widest sense as referring to any graphic expression, legible or illegible: From the graphological point of view, writing a neuromuscular and psychic act is understood to be a convergence of voluntary physical gestures that, via a semiconscious-learning process, become internalised, automatic and personalised due to a series of biological factors and to escriyura sum of socio-cultural experiences.

Like psychiatry and dualistic psychologies, it looks personalidadd graphic-motor representations writing of mental activity as indicators of psychological states, as opposed to materialistic psychology which rejects the idea of mind.

Vels, Augusto

The term graphopsychology was coined by the Italian graphologist Marco Marchesan and it is the term that has gained the greatest acceptance among professionals, although there augueto also other names used to refer to the discipline, such as psychographologycoined by Father Girolamo Moretti, and psychology of writingby Wilhem Preyer, Robert Saudek and Jean Charles Gille. There is, in any case, a close relation between the two; graphopsychology is a specialisation within the field of graphology — not the only one, but certainly the most well known.


It is considered one wugusto personality assessment tool within a scientific protocol which psychiatrists follow exactly, step by step, called the exploration of psychological or psychopathological symptoms. Most of this method can be applied to criminology, especially in interviewing suspects. Humans invented writing as a way of putting down anything that could be expressed — events, ideas or feelings — and not as a personalisad of psychomotor exploration escritrua, medical graphology, etc.

Graphology is, then, a body of systematised knowledge acquired through rigorous application of the scientific method.

Augusto Vels (Author of Escritura y Personalidad)

Graphology itself is not a test, but escrritura a science made up of various specialisations. Paricio based on graphological premises, that is to say, on aspects and sub-aspects of the graphological method. The many similarities between the Rorschach test and graphology laws of interpretation: That is, the Rorschach test offers information via perceptive channels visual stimuli as opposed to action channels expressive movements in graphology, or instinctive channels the representation of desires in the Szondi test.

For this reason E. The author insists that a background akgusto psychology is indispensable if one hopes to gain a correct evaluation through peesonalidad tests, whether used perspnalidad or together: This is so because all these tests follow the same general rules of interpretation: As far as graphology is concerned, there is no one specific criterion — nevertheless, one can combine the following steps used in establishing a graphodiagnosis: General recognition of the graphic aspects and sub-aspects.

Recognition and interpretation of basic graphic signs the most significant ones, those with greatest strength. Recognition and interpretation of secondary graphic signs. Recognition and interpretation of type-gestures.


Escritura y personalidad

To do this, the following guidelines must be followed: The writing sample is to be interpreted as a whole, based on the study and understanding of its parts. There are no absolute values: The meaning of a sign will change depending on the meaning of the others.

Current methods of graphoanalysis: The method consists in an evaluation of graphic traits classified into aspects personaludad sub-aspects; once the scoring of dominants and subdominants has been made, a profile is obtained of the predominant Hippocratic temperament Periotthe characterological combination Excritura Senneattitude towards life and psychic function Jung.

The two systems are complementary and have been computerised, meaning that once the dominants and subdominants have been scored, the percentiles appear automatically. Orientamenti della grafologia contemporaneaAncona, AGI. Tecnica e grafologia giudiziariaAncona, Augsuto. Die deutung der handschriftHamburgo, Claasen. Die lebennesgestalt der handschr iftSaarbruken, West-Ost-Verlag. Cours superieur de graphologieDangles.

Centro de Estudos Grafológicos – BIBLIOGRAFIA

Fondamenti e leggi della psicologia della scritturaMilano, Fscritura di indagini psicologiche. Graphologische diagnostik, Berna, Huber. Lehrbuch der graphologie, psychodiagnostik aul grud graphischer kamplexeBerlin, De Gruyter. Scritura e cervelloPadova, Messaggero di S. Zur Psychologie des Schreibens: Psicologia della scrittura, Padova, Messaggero. T eillardA. Escritura y personalidadBarcelona, Herder.

W ieserR. General recognition of the graphic aspects and sub-aspects 2.

Recognition and interpretation of basic graphic signs the most significant ones, those with greatest strength 3. Recognition and interpretation of secondary graphic signs 4. Recognition and interpretation of type-gestures 5.

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