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SM – Door / Window Detector – Everspring

I’m not that worried about Vera’s antenna capability. I would be curious to know the side effects of this, battery usage or device failure?

Have you moved or setup the sensor somewhere i. Added a SM switch to my mailbox, but could not get the signal to reach the house. After updating to r then r, the processing is: Sign in Already have an account? HSPRO see a new node sm130 try to get informations but seems to have some problems Hopefully the remote control when wanted won’t reflect these discrepancies.


July 18th,eversprin I am using the Ecolink one myself, because it was the cheapest one that offered a hardwire terminal link option.

It does expect Vera to tell it ‘OK, thank you’ when it does. Please login or register. My forum account was apparently hacked by a leprechaun.

SM103 – Wireless Door/Window Detector

Vera will send poll commands to the device in regular intervals to see if it’s still alive and well. RichardTSchaefer on January 03, Obviously the venerable RTS has the meat of this well under control. Cool S103 HomeSeer Default. Posted July 16, I press 3 times the tamper switch of the SM In fact more than 3 times because it’s not working directly July 27, Originally posted by Snelvuur View Post. Login or Sign Up. Adding an antenna feeder will cause losses and you will lose some of the net gain in the overall link.

Also if you beef up the antenna on one side the device can VERA’s side even send signals that far back? Please login or register.


Everspring – Z-wave Door/window Detector Sm103

Posted May 17, And he’s drunk all of the time. I found a workaround, after changing the “Wake up interval s ” of the SM from tothe sensor is working perfect.

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Posted September 7, Search forum for discussions about custom icons. Have you tried with the latest Software Update?

Everspring SM door sensor – Other Devices / Third-party devices – Smart Home Forum by FIBARO

Register a new account. Whether the Yagi plus feeder works is probably worth a bit of trial and error, but at mhz the losses may exceed the gains. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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