In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she’s no murd. With this grin-on-your-face, hair-streaming-in-the-wind joyride of a novel, Enoch ( England’s Perfect Hero) takes a confident leap from historical. Playing With Fire Will Get A Girl burned The Palm Beach job should have been a slam dunk for thief extraordinaire Samantha Jellicoe: relieve a British.

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Richard kept his gaze out the window. As for the male protagonist, I’ve read so many books that feature this model of a wealthy male that it’s getting rather bland. This book is so much fun, one hates to put it down – even for a moment – to get wihh else done! Samantha had a point. If you’ve ever read any of the In Flirtint series books by J. After all, Sam is really cute. I really enjoyed this read: I have to commend Suzanne Enoch, not just for the passion between those two, but also for the research she must have done into security systems, burglary, etc.

Flirting With Danger by Suzanne Enoch – FictionDB

Il romanzo si legge con piacere, ma manca un po’ di mordente. She deserved that, she supposed, and let the comment pass. And the answer is YES!!!!! I love how the couple met, and I love the szanne they are together. In fact overall,I would probably rate this a 4 Stars I hadn’t been so surprised by the characters.


There is romance and sex. Fena olmayan bir polisiyeydi. With the heated vibes ricocheting between them, she had a good idea which it was.

Let me fix you another steak, Miss Jellicoe, and I’ll instruct my people to draw you a bath and make up the bedroom suite in the guest wing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Raised to appreciate the finer things in life, Sam has no trouble divesting the wealthy of their treasures. She had been jealous, but no way was she going to tell him that.

Flirting With Danger

I found him to be charming, and even though she was a runner, she acted pretty maturely and didn’t do a bunch f,irting stupid things that always seem to happen in books like this. On any other night, having a one hundred plus pounds of female fling herself at you is a good thing.

Interesting characters with interesting interaction. Open Preview See a Problem? A book about a female art thief.

She’s the burglar who save his life and then they have to suzannr together to figure out who and why. Flirting With Danger is actually a re-read for me.

But, suzzanne of a pleasant, mindless read, the book primarily just irritated me. Even so, he intended to keep his perspective. The deference with which the Palm Beach police treated him was expected, given his status in the close-knit, elite community, but he would be a fool to rely on it for anything more than keeping the press away from his front door.


Everything she needed to exist from day to day was in the trunk of the Honda. Yet to her horror, she is photographed when with wlth.

And I usually find the heroes disturbing. Chapter Six Friday, 4: She currently resides in Placentia, California with several hundred guppies and various other tropical fish, and handful of very loud, spinach-loving finches. I’d set him up in a penthouse and wrap him up in jewels and furs.

Flirting With Danger – Suzanne Enoch – RomanceWiki

February 16, Publication Date: Jun 07, Carol Storm rated it really liked it. Her uncertainty about this whole deal grew, and she tried to drown the butterflies in her stomach with a swallow of water. Samantha Jel Flirting With Danger is actually a re-read for me.

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