PREFACE. FM is the Army’s doctrinal manual for cavalry operations. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs. FM (ARMY FIELD MANUAL ), CAVALRY OPERATIONS (24 DEC )., FM is the Army s doctrinal manual for cavalry. FM , “Cavalry Operations,” is the Army’s doctrinal manual for cavalry operations. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs, and .

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Command and General Staff College Foundation. General Lee felt the absence of his reliable cavalry reconnaissance and faced the Union forces of unknown size in the town.

The flexible capabilities of cavalry allow the commander to conserve the combat power of divisions or brigades for engagement where he desires.

It is heavy or light depending on the organization of the brigade. The corps conducts offensive operations to either defeat, destroy, or neutralize the enemy.

No longer will the threat always fit into a neat time-distance scenario. A historical example illustrates the value of a flexible cavalry force.

Security missions will predominate.

However, METT-T may dictate the need to attach or place a ground or air troop under operational control of a brigade to facilitate better command and control and the flow of information.

Deception Operations Section IV. The squadron usually functions as part of the regiment, but may operate separately for a short period of time, or as part of a joint task f, or another unit. When communications are lost with caavalry units, or the commander is unsure of their location and situation, cavalry is particularly suited to restore command and control. Maneuver is the essence of US fighting doctrine. Recognizing the critical need for information, both commanders emphasized the need for the cavalry to provide operxtions information of the presence of the enemy, his forces, and his movements.


Discusses the modern battlefieldthe enemy in modern operztionspreparing for combat operationsmovement techniquesreconnaissancesecurity operationscombat supportcombat service support and operations in active nuclear conditions.

Limited ballistic protection offered by the high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle HMMWV and lack of organic tank assets require judicious application of standard cavalry doctrine. Other field manuals supporting this manual discuss these organizational designs in detail. The requirements of nap-of-earth flight, terrain flight hazards, and friendly and enemy situations all constrain aviation maneuver.

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Visualizing battlespace allows commanders to keep their options open, protect and sustain their forces, synchronize combat power, keep the enemy off balance, and set the conditions for a decisive victory. As the division attack begins, the squadron may lead the main effort performing zone reconnaissance or advance guard.

He influences the battle by assigning missions and terrain to troops, task organizing troops, applying operationd multipliers at the right time and place, assigning and shifting priorities of combat support and combat service support, and constituting and committing the reserve. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs, and subordinate troop and company commanders in the conduct of combat operations.

As modern weapons increased in range, precision, and lethality, horse cavalry lost much of its ability to perform these traditional roles. Peace Enforcing Section Kperations. Objectives may include the following actions: Based on this information and orders from Washington, General Hooker began moving the Union Army north. The ACR L is a separate unit that supports the contingency corps.

Search by date Search by date: Missions may be performed sequentially during an operation. Department of the Ffm. Survival individual and unit and mission accomplishment are the objectives of NBC defense. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

The armored cavalry regiment ACR may execute close, deep, and rear operations.

The Confederates conducted a reconnaissance in force with an infantry division the next day. Purpose and Characteristics Section II. Active measures include self-defense by attacked 1-95 and facilities, indirect fires, counterair by air defense units and by Air Force and naval aviation. To achieve this integration and synchronization, commanders, with the advice of their fire support officers, must think in terms of the total systems available.


As an operatilns entry force, the ACR L would support Army or joint task force operations with credible force as a demonstration of US resolve. Thus, he determined the necessity to defend well forward, securing the decisive terrain for the approaching Union Army.


Scouts in particular are trained to perform demolitions. While the focus is on regiment and squadron, principles and fundamentals presented apply to all subordinate troops and companies and separate cavalry troops. Skip to main content. This allows the cabalry to simultaneously apply the combat power of all systems.

He sensed from constant reconnaissance patrols in all directions the massing Confederate Army to his front. This manual applies to the armored cavalry regiment ACR and all division cavalry squadrons armored, light, air. Offensive and defensive operations can occur as part of any other mission, especially cover, guard, and area and route security.

Deceptions, spoiling attacks, raids, and other special purpose missions are part of these operations.

The RAS provides the regiment with combat aviation assets. These missions gave commanders the ability to maneuver and concentrate forces on a battlefield cavslry decisive battle. The commander uses fire support to destroy, delay, disrupt, or limit the enemy. It plays a critical role in determining missions assigned to maneuver forces and focuses information-gathering assets, including cavalry.

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