Use the SDLT3 form when the transaction involves more than one property. Fill in form SDLT1 and SDLT3 for each additional property. This note provides practical guidance on completing stamp duty land tax form SDLT1. Free Practical Law trial. To access this resource, sign up for a free, day. Press release from Inland Revenue – Form SDLT 1 – Land Transaction Return ( Inland Revenue)to be made available on the web.

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The transaction Question 1 – type of property You must answer sdltt1 question. The purchaser Question 49 – National Insurance number of purchaser 1 You must answer this question if the purchaser is an individual who has a permanent National Insurance number. Freehold in Scotland ownership subject to one or more leases each reserving a ground or nominal rent.

You may wish to attach a plan. Refunds can only be paid to the lead purchaser, unless you send HMRC a letter signed by the lead purchaser confirming who we need to repay. You only need to complete for an individual. Some land and property transactions do not need a SDLT returnincluding:. Save a copy of the return and the certificate and keep a record of the UTRN for fform transaction.

If the name of purchaser 2 is longer than the space provided, use abbreviations. The table below shows you when you should complete supplementary forms. Skip to main content.


SDLT – Form SDLT 1 to be available on the web – press release (Inland Revenue) | Practical Law

You must answer this question if you answered question There are different forms of consideration. The tax calculation Question 9 – are you claiming relief? For, 70 – purchaser 2 address You must answer this question if you answered question For linked transactions, tax on a premium is based on the total entered at question You can enter up to 28 characters in this field. Use code A for the acquisition of all interests where there is a lease involved, except the grant of a new lease or a replacement lease.

How to complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax SDLT1 paper return

The SDLT1 return is read by an electronic scanner so make sure you: The answer to this question will normally be the purchase price. Check that the number of SDLT2s enclosed is consistent with the information you entered at question It will take only 2 minutes to fill in.

Use numbers not words, for example use 2 not two. Question 60 – to which address shall we send the certificate? Enter the name of the solicitor or other person acting as agent on behalf of the purchaser. SDLT precompletion transactions rules.

Do not use punctuation or symbols. Do not enter the break point or review date. Where purchaser 2 is a bare trustee – a trustee with no independent authority acting on behalf of a beneficial owner, enter sddlt1 beneficial owner.

Declaration Question 73 – declaration Signing the form for a client You may complete the return on behalf of a client but the purchaser is responsible for the information given in the SDLT return and in any supplementary forms or schedules. Question 71 – is purchaser 2 acting as a trustee?


Use a separate row for each line of the address to make sure the house or building number and postcode svlt1 entered in the relevant fields. You can appeal against a penalty if you could not file your return by the deadline because of an unusual event that was either unforeseeable or beyond your control. Question 33 – is a plan attached? Enter the start date as shown in the lease – if in the future, please enter the future date.

Question 51 – third part Enter the country where the reference number was issued. Most transactions will be wholly satisfied by payment in money. Only complete selt1 question if the agent has a DX address. If the name of vendor 2 is longer than this, use abbreviations. Question 50 – VAT registration number If you did not answer question 49 you must answer 50 or You can enter up to 28 characters.

Additional supplementary returns Question 72 – how many supplementary returns have you enclosed with this return?

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