FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day4. He’s watching me. I can feel it. The Wookiee’s morning ablutions in the ‘fresher next door. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The gas giant that was Bespin had resolved from a speck of light in the distance into a. FORTY DAYS TO BESPIN. by LeelaStarsky. Day The first thing Leia became conscious of was Solo’s snoring. She couldn’t just hear it; she.

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Solo watched her leave before making a mighty effort to pay attention to checking the circuit boards she had just finished.


Leia rolled irritably onto her back, favouring her stiff neck and shoulders, and Solo said softly, “Morning, Leia. After that I didn’t write for several months it’s been a year since Foopet’s did that and then I took up Warriors fanfiction. Like a prison sentence with her very soul at risk. And she’d assumed he couldn’t be obnoxious in bed? Even though I think he’s the best Jedi ever, the Chosen One if you ask me. I really enjoy blue, or really anything that’s bright and bold. A frown skittered across her face but she chased it away with a smile, moved closer to him and circled his face delicately with one finger.

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Forty Days to Bespin Chapter 7, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Vader had tortured her here, but Luke and Han had rescued her, had destroyed the Death Star One of the main reasons being if you watch the movie it just doesn’t look like the trip takes very long!


Her hand was dqys its way up his arm, and Leia knew that if it reached his neck she would pull him down to her. The thought of sliding into and being surrounded by her silken warmth was almost irresistible. To be continued in “One Night on Bespin” And knew without a doubt that it wouldn’t be half the ship it currently was with a different captain or first mate.

Leia took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Solo ran soft kisses along her jaw and looked at her. Two was a definite squeeze, and it was impossible for them not to bump into each other.

She sighed and wondered what the hell she thought she was doing. And wondered how he could have ever contemplated not loving her. Leia forced herself out of his embrace to look at him fully and Solo wiped roughly at his eyes with one hand. But if it’s just a wild story with characters that have the same names but are nothing like those in the movie, I just feel like author has cheated us.

In the comments of the last post we started discussing some things about what we considered in character and what we considered out of character.

I hope you have a marvelous because you deserve it! Was that what Han wanted? Night 37 Leia couldn’t sleep. That’s what makes it so much more challenging sometimes to get them right. They regarded each other for what seemed an eternity, and Leia longed to lose herself in his eyes. The aroma of scrambled eggs and cured meat filled the small cabin and Leia’s stomach rumbled again.


It was disconcerting so she closed her eyes once more. Sighing, he hung the garment back where she had left it, and moved to brush his teeth. Thinking about Leia and all that had transpired between them, Solo found himself wondering just what her view on their relationship was.

He was about to engage Threepio when Solo asked her, “Is everything mine? No wonder the rest of the base had been able to see it. The Empire Strikes Back, hands down. Solo knew she was looking for a way to accompany him to Jabba and it infuriated him that she refused to see the danger involved. Indeed, compared to the amount of bodily fluids they’d been swapping over the last two days, a little spit was nothing. I have always believed that something very significant occurred between them in that book, and in my opinion the hints are not even that subtle.

She reacted naturally, kissing him back, and when he paused to look at her, she halted his retreat by gripping his arm. You know, with a few complications caused by outside forces that they have to get themselves out of. Solo smiled, running a hand through his hair once more, then rasped his fingers on the stubble on his chin. What am I doing?

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