Buy Fostex F A – Alnico/Fullrange online at » € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Fullrange. When I heard Fostex FA alnico full range driver first time I realized its great potential. Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been. Fostex 8” FULL RANGE Alnico magnet Foam surround 8 ohm impedance Frequency response from 30Hz to 20kHz 90 dB sensitivity Flange X mm .

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Genesis Advanced Technologies 2. Nice write up JLM, gives good insight into the design.

Fostex F200A 8″ Full Range with Alnico magnet

Just a thought for you, since so 2f00a Omega and Horn Shoppe people are pleased with the cheap well below affordable Mid-range seemed very natural, highs were clear and imaging was pin-point. Two weeks more time put on the speakers and they’re sounding better everyday.

In any case, I love your speakers, wish I could hear them, and wish you all the best in your hunt – if you can, do audition some form of digital amp at whatever pricepoint just for kicks, you never know I’m having to re-assess which of my recordings are “audiophile grade” as new life is discovered in them.

Compared to speakers based on most extended range drivers the response was certainly tilted toward the bass end. With baffle step compensation and careful stuffing of the TL the speaker produces a very flat response without cabinet colorations and the design eliminates out of phase signals. I cannot say if the any of my suggestions are a fit for you, you’d have to hear them and then tell me!


Have you had the chance to hear a digital amp on these speakers? Problems associated with this driver IMHO have been clearly connected with the enclosures and electronics to use.

# beautiful goods!#Fostex FA speaker pair set! box attaching : Real Yahoo auction salling

I did some very quick measurements using a RS spl meter and Stereophile test CDs a few weeks ago, but came to no real conclusion as I figure that they’re still breaking in and even with moving furniture around the setup was still fotex than ideal. Of course passive filter might apply as well.

After listening to them for two weeks at home the only aspect of their performance found lacking is life like dynamics. The break-in has gone from being a worry at times to rather fun.

A few more details: The speakers are 48 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, with the driver centered 33 inches above the floor. The sound is very coherent and easy to listen too. Need some funds for next project. You may like one of these similar items: I got beat over the head with that one plenty after that review got published Heres the link http: I have all drawings in Deltacad.


Wonderful new speaker set-up JLM They had them in stock, no problem. Speakers veneered with Anigra.

I’ll probably just add to my existing 2. But the bass is somehow different from anything I’ve heard before.

My new Fostex FA MLTL speakers

Overall break-in is offering a very fun ride. The beaming was expected, but should not be an issue with nearfield listening. Oh, and I will report on how the Bolder Cable modded Teac sounds too Dmason Full Member Posts: I’ll have to take a look.

I did hear they gostex likely be discontinued, at least for distribution in North America, which was a major factor in my decision to get some. What is the purpose of the face part being oval and raised?

Fstex note that due to current room and domestic restraints the speakers spend most their time almost tight against the walls of my 11 ft x 19 ft x 8 ft room with CD storage cabinet and equipment between them.

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