I have 40GB and this is a picture for my power supply: [​IMG] and the Wouldn’t be suprised if Gilksy has done one. What would Kratos do? ​. I’ve followed his tutorials & repaired 2 different 40GB PS3 systems:) That main Gilksy page has a link for every bit of info you need.

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So my 40GB YLoD on Sunday after about 18 months gilosy service which i was expecting a little bit longer out of it but there you go: So i have decided to repair it myself following Gilksy’s videos on you tube. I’m waiting for my Arctic 5 paste to come so i wont be doing anything until the weekend but i have stripped my PS3 down just now in preparation for it and to get familiar with what i will be doing: One thing i cant understand is the heating of the board and those 4 little chips next to the 2 larger ones as they look fine and are well soldered on still.

40GB YLoD self fix queries. – PlayStation Forum

To gilisy i see that as maybe being unnecessary and could cause more damage. Should i shouldn’t i is the question? Also he says to make sure the thermal pads go back on but mine hasn’t got them so is this the difference between the 60GB he used and mine being newer?

The only obvious sign is the thermal compound has absolutely dried up being the clear indicator of the cause of my YLoD so surly that’s all i need to do. I followed his guide as well.

Got it working for 4 months before I got the ylod again. Anyhow my little chips looked instact and fine as well.

But I did it anyhow and it worked fine. When I repaired my 60gb my one did not have them little pads on as well. But as I said I just got on with it and fixed it. For more info gillsy to change settings, click here. Want to join in?


Sign in to continue. Accepted Solution View Original. Problem Solved View Original Post. By ytevo79 Beta Tester Posts Send message Add contact.

Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Sign in to add a comment. View our house rules for posts. Email me when someone replies. Cool i guess the heating up part is a fail safe and as you can see i know absolutely nothing about this sort of thing. But i can see and as far as i know all that needs doing is the thermal paste on the chips. It needs to be fellowed and new thermal paste. Just do the reflow big boy it should bring her back to life again, i have to say it made me sad when I read your post the otherday.

We are all wishing her a speedy recovery: Beavis is da man Vote Stu for PM: I did the reflow on my 60gb with a hot air gun, I didn’t have the thermal pads either Sadly my 60gb only lasted a further two weeks so I gave up had backed up all saves by this point and had it replaced under CP. Sorry for your troubles though and I hope you get a longer fix than I did.

[TuT] How to fix YLOD ! – NextGenUpdate

Don’t worry about it dwad: It played up a few times last week before i put my new HDD at the weekend by turning off and giving the signs that it was overheating, even tho it always run cool and never revved up I always had the thought of it lasting a little longer tho with it being the 40GB model prone to BD failures so i was half expecting that to be what it would fail.

But in this case i was wrong: No point it starting threads saying ”new HDD broke my console” or ”I’m taking Sony to court” XD I’m still a loyal fan and plan on being back up this weekend: I’m more upset then anything tho, looking at her now next to me in several bits: I will say one thing tho and I’m not saying this caused it but it certainly wouldn’t help things and that is the sheer amount of dust i found inside: The Motherboard was just as bad with almost mold like looking lumps of dust stuck to all the main chips and processors i had to take it outside and gently blow it all off and then some of it would not move i had to use a soft brush being very gentle.


The fan was bad as well and using a paint brush on the inside of each blade was quite tough to clean off and then caused a cloud of dust in my room i had to vacate lol. So i will regularly open her up now to give it a proper clean. Using a hoover on a vent doesn’t do one thing but clean whats off the vent itself! I’ve always looked after it and cleaned it regularly, but once that dust is inside its not coming out unless you take it completely apart.

How to disassembly Power Supply in PS3-40GB

If your out of warranty take it apart one Sunday and give it some TLC i cannot hurt and was quite fun taking it apart seeing what gilkys what: You must be signed in to add attachments. English Back to Top. Looking for something else?

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