Günter Grass, one of the most important writers in post war Germany, and for reasons of brevity and accessibility went for ‘Im Krebsgang’,. Im Krebsgang (English, German and German Edition) [Günter Grass] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Günter Grass. März Günter Grass: Im krebsgang. Quellen: Taschenbuch “Im Krebsgang” von Günter Grass Reclam Lektüreschlüssel An den Jahrgang.

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He now has a teenage son, Konrad. Grass was born in Danzig, a few miles from the port from which the Wilhelm Gustloff began its last voyage. She went into labor after the first torpedo struck and gave birth aboard a rescue ship as the Wilhelm Gustloff sank. Tulla fills the book with her energy. He has never commented.

He has one sister, who was born in The first of grsas three historical characters is the man who gave his name to the ship.

He integrates into the story the recurrent problem of young neo-nazis, skinheads and the danger of hate websites on the Internet characterized through Paul’s son Konny. Although the details of the sinking have been known since then, there has been reluctance to publicize them. However, the novel is a winner.

In Icy Baltic Waters

Now she bears witness to another disregarded truth. Winner of the Nobel Prize In his investigations he comes across a website called http: At least one aspect of his motivation for doing so revolves around the disaster’s aftermath in today’s society and emerges clearly towards the end of the book.

The Gustloff was a Nazi civilian transport ship torpedoed by a soviet submarine.

I think that we can all acknowledge that many Germans died because of Hitler’s insane actions. Feb 08, Leah rated it liked it Shelves: Each of the main characters grass as a stand-in for methods of understanding the last years of German history.


The two eventually meet in SchwerinKonny’s and Gustloff’s hometown. Ich muss mehr von Grass lesen dies war nach “Katz und Maus” mein zweites Buch von ihm. Ich bin sehr zufrieden dass es vorbei ist.

Refresh and try again. It is in every respect the fourth volume of a Danzig tri tetralogy, the primary reason why Grass received the Nobel Prize.

Not bad for a man who was already in his late sixties when the Net started to spread in earnest, and was 75 by the time the book was published. Grass deliberately uses the structure of a traditional ‘novella’ to convey the historical events and their impact on his group of Germans.

David Blackbourn reviews ‘Im Krebsgang’ by Günter Grass · LRB 27 June

Were it not for that, I might not have read this book. He married in and since lived in Berlin as well as part-time in Schleswig-Holstein. In the fictional family in this book, three generations are marked by the suppression of the story of the Wilhelm Gustloff. In the main, however, few people outside Germany know much about the sinking. In Davos he became secretary of an observatory and supplemented his income by selling household insurance. Aber es war schwierig.

Tulla is obsessed with the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. This gap, this failure to speak honestly about such matters, to work through them, left the field wide open for appropriation by the Nationalists and the right wing discourse which we see in the next generation, in Konrad and his website. According to Tulla, Paul was born at the moment the ship sank, on board the torpedo boat which had rescued them. The narrator is keen to show a rounded and unpartisan version of events and his agenda to give weight to all three menWilhelm Gustloff, David Frankfurter and the captain of the Russian submarine which torpedoes the ship, Alexander Marinesko, is an exploration of this possibility.


The narrator is eventually forced to realise that his imprisoned son has himself become a new martyr, and is celebrated as such by neo-Nazis on the Internet. This site uses cookies. Tulla slowly indoctrinates her grandson with all her stories about the sinking which at first seem harmless but later end in a murder.

Paperbackpages. As many as nine thousand people lost their lives six times the death toll of the Titanicincluding four thousand children and infants.

The narrator who is born in the lifeboat is the second major character and his son who will dedicate his life to seeking revenge for the incident is the third major character. He has not changed his mind, only widened his range. Der Schreibstil an sich war unglaublich anstrengend. Posted on June 15, by mandywight.

Either way, my view would likely be coloured by where I lay to the left or right. The numbers of lives lost has always been hard to quantify, because it was carrying thousands of civilians who had boarded at the last minute fleeing from the Russian advance from the east, many of whom were not registered officially as passengers.

He realizes that the site is maintained by his teenage son Konny who, influenced by his grandmother, has found in right-wing extremism the appetite to acknowledge the suffering of Germans during the war. None of them is comfortable with their present-day life. Paul Pokriefke, the journalist, doesn’t want to know about the past, and is almost vitriolic about his mother, who is always going on about it.

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