Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle Published by Charisma House A Strang Company Rinehart Road Lake Mary, FL This. Mike Bickle is the director of the International House of Prayer, Jesus, God’s Answer to the Growing Crisis, Growing in the Prophetic, and Prayers to Strengthen. Title: When the Moon Split: A biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Author: Safiur When the Moon Spli.

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Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle – Google Books

I felt they were arrogant as well as spiritually shallow. Michael McPherson rated it really liked it Nov 03, Mije have made several conclusions.

It is clear that some prophetic utterances “ring propheti true” than others. When they got back, they heard that the young preacher named Mike Bickle had spoken on the “baptism of the Spirit. Thus, the doctrinal implications of my anti-charismatic sermon went right over their heads. I asked him what kind of man Bob Jones really was. I propheticc not know that they were involved in the Charismatic Renewal that was sweeping through the Lutheran church at that time.

By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established. Others focus on how to prophesy and then what to do with prophetic words. The safeguard of New Testament prophecy is given in the mandate to judge each other’s words. They were so receptive to me that I began to conclude that I grwing being sent there by God to change their wrong theology.

Revelation often comes in bits and pieces, and we also need understanding from the Lord to “make sense” of the revelation. Convincing Power, Irrefutable Truth The purpose of the outpouring of the Spirit, the increase of the prophetic ministry, and, finally, the signs and wonders in nature is to awaken the church to passionate Christianity and to bring many people to salvation.


In the New Testament, there may have been several prophets in every city where the church was established instead of merely a few real prophets Level IV for the whole world as in the Old Testament times. But to my surprise, while I was standing at the salad bar with a plate of food in my hand, I was asked by two different people who were attending the conference to prophesy to them. I don’t have a prophetic ministry.

It is like gold, that endures for eternity. Our pride and lack of balance caused us to endure some painful but necessary corrections in the early s. John the Baptist fits that mold as well — the man of God coming out of the wilderness to proclaim repentance mlke preparing the way of the Lord. Let the people know that they must take risks to grow, even if sometimes they make mistakes. Just as the church service was preparing to begin, there came a downpour of rain.

I had already made arrangements to mkie a missionary organization in Mexico City. Receiving Divine Information We use the term revelation to refer to the prophetic information that one receives from God.

Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle

I want to note that the drought continued the next day and lasted another five weeks — three months in all, as prophesied, with the exception of the notable rain on August 23 that interrupted it. To whom does this revelation apply? Be the first to ask a question about Growing in the Prophetic. The prophet has a godly character, which is an essential mark of a true prophet.


Growing in the Prophetic

Even if there is a true prophetic yhe with an accu- rate interpretation, the process of administrating prophecy has just begun. It seemed that things would be easier without all the difficulty that comes with the prophetic ministry. Louis and acci- dentally met the pastor of the largest growinf church in the region. Why was he wearing a heavy winter coat? We sat there in awe, listening as he told us the implications of what Gabriel said.

We have people who interpret prophetic revelation with much greater clarity than the people who receive the revelation. Mike shares his experience and insights bidkle managing the prophetic gift in his church. After the service, I saw Bob Jones talking privately with him. Whom do we tell — the leaders, only certain individuals or intercessors, or the whole church? Over the telephone I explained, “Bob, last night I received a very unusual word from the Lord.

Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle

We believe that what we have seen is only a small token of what will happen in a far more dramatic way in many ministries throughout the nations. Prophettic were we to respond to such an unexpected and even offensive prophetic word?

Return to Book Page. We must resist the temptation to manufacture the interpretation growibg it is clear. This was required on the penalty of death. A practical, effective strategy for incorporating prayer into everyday life.

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