DOWNLOAD GUNWITCH METHOD gunwitch method pdf & Repairing Notebook, Palmtop, & Pen Computers: A Technician’s Guide – · Comment. Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use . The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Girl Back. Gunwitch method guide Snippets, Search Engines and Repositories This is not the manufacturer original CD or a copy of it.

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Well done, and thanks. Still you need to talk or be labelled an alien so here goes.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

The electricity in that brain of yours lies, true love is new love, not someone sticking around forever in order to fill each others needs. Also, that “women think different from men”, “women don’t really like sex so it doesn’t matter what you look like, but more what you say or make them feel”. Simple advice and techniques, as the sexual state, is FAR more important to convey than what you say to her is. Not gonna happen unless she is VERY attracted. Following this method will set boundaries that will last.

While the horny aggressive “jerk” gets the woman sexually turned on and moves her into isolation with him, rather than entertaining her endlessly in public. Also ask yourself when in an LTR or when being just friends, “if I could come and have sex with this woman as frequent as I want, but would lose ALL other activities and conversations with her, would I trade that?


I cannot give you real desire for sex, it must be natural. Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women. Not your regular speaking voice but YOUR sensual sexual voice.

Gunwith explain, allocate 1 total point for every 2 points on the scale, for what you can get with maximum effort. Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. A good progression is: Proper eye contact with a woman is an important piece of your sexual state.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID. | SoSuave Discussion Forum

Also, her eyes will follow your eyes to the touching and it will be unnatural, thus questioned by her or rejected. The power of “me too-ing”.

Could you explain it a lil more, what u visualize. They put gkide a mask that conforms to social norms. You must log in or register to reply here. However, I don’t think sex-closing every time is a good idea with girls my age 17 and under. You don’t meyhod talk about her problems or negative things, so if it comes up change the subject.

Look YOUR gubwitch, see lone wolf, realize she loves sex, get sexually turned on for her, approach her in sexual state, convey sexual state to her, get to know her while in sexual state, watch for her sexual state, isolate. Yuide are methods and tactics that will get you sex with HOT women even if you are less than average in looks. Quickly notice her state before you approach, is she UP, kinda down, or laughing a lot? I commonly get snubbed, the cold shoulder ect or overall rejected with the women I have sex with right away, but I just persist and eventually things take a turn.


Specifically, you must approach women on the street, at gyms, dept stores, bars, nightclubs and any other venues you can come up with. I am 5’7″ 5’9” in my “field” boots and used to weigh a “power lifter styled” mix of muscle and fat that was lbs. We wanna work with what looks we have and move them in the right directions for sex better than other guys, not create a non sexual rapport with jokes and funny stories.

The sexual state, along with the realization that she wants sex, will make you do MOST gunwitc not ALL of the actions necessary to be your most attractive mrthod by themselves.

If you want and methd new, exciting, frequent sexual experiences with different fresh women then read on. Understand that women do not have some kind of special intuition about people, see Ted Bundy example above for proof. By the way, when a woman says fuide that’s as close to saying ” a guy who knows I wanna have sex and creates the opportunity for it aggressively” as women usually get.

It seems to work, if thats your PU style. Of course good breath is a crucial at this point. Then, watch in horror as the friends ruin it.

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