Summary: A long ago prophecy of a child being born in the Half World to heal the rift between the three realms seems to be coming true when a. Melanie follows her now-vanished mother into Half World, a magical limbo populated by gruesome semi-humans and characterized by despair. “Half World is a haunting combination of a coming-of-age novel and a spiritual quest, a mad funhouse of horrors and a tale of redemption and love. Wonderfully .

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Half World by Hiromi Goto.

Jun 14, Maya rated it liked it. Directed by a mysterious phone call to make her way to the Half World, Melanie finds herself on mission to rescue her mother that will test her mettle hallf challenge her to face fears she never knew existed. I do like the artwork, though! This site uses cookies. You can tell that the author has a real picture in her head, of Melanie’s poor apartment, her hiding places, the tunnel leading to the other world and of course, of the imaginary world in question.

Refresh and try again. Vandemar and so when Melanie comes home one day to find her mother gone, she must risk everything to hjromi her mother from the terrifying Half-life world.

Half World by Hiromi Goto, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

Even though Half World itself is supposed to be all grey tones, the imagery still shines through and I think I would do some pretty terrible things to see this made into a graphic novel.

But I liked Melanie and Ms. Now, I understand the choice to some degree, because yes, yes, minds change, but I dislike hslf narrative that all women are secretly mothers in waiting and would have liked perhaps to see the character set up a little different, and this probably is more a personal issue with me than something that’s wrong or anything [END SPOILERS].


She watches as the birds drop mussels from a great height in order to crack their shells and eat them. I was really thrilled to be seen in public with this one.

Though Melanie lives with her mother, she knew nothing about her father since young as her mother never shared bits of his life with her. Half World is also an wold creative work.

Glueskin was alive as a baby and would get a chance at a different life, finally.

Aside from those grotesque creatures, it is a world bereft of colour. Not sure I said that right. Glueskin telling her what she has to do if she ever wants to see her mother again.

Thank you to the shoals of glinting fish. The coarse umbers of barks, glowing with grey-blue lichen. In the end, thought, it is the small, human choices she makes that will win out over the evil of Glueskin. His grandmother had found someone to forge documents.

Half World by Hiromi Goto – A Review | M. Fenn

Luckily my library had a copy. The prose had a fairytale quality that reminded me of Malinda Lo’s “Ash” and Cindy Pon’s “Silver Phoenix”, but for some reason I had a lot of trouble getting into it.

I was reminded of Neil Gaiman and would definitely give it to Gaiman fans. While there is no direct wodld or splatter, the book has its violent scenes. The Three Realms somehow become disconnected from each other, so the balance cycle is broken. Glueskin, who rules over a nightmarish Limbo. Her mother is unable to keep a job, and has recently started drinking, so school?



And soon worlr learns that more is at stake than just her mother’s fate Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The realms are at stake- long ago the cycle between the Realm of Flesh, Half World, and the Realm of Spirit was severed, and now those in Half World those who are dead but can’t pass into spirit are forev When I first read the plot description, I thought Half World sounded interesting and showed some promise, but within the first few pages, I already had a feeling I was going to be disappointed by the end His sister is gone and his grandma who is always there for him is feeble and starts to get sick she says something mysterious about Half World.

The evil and shadows that Gee has to conquer are astounding, and the strength required to get through is almost unattainable.

Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian. Melanie is a teenager who has been left to scrape together small bits of comfort while her ailing, disinterested mother spends most of her days wasting away in a daze. The beginning of Half World is bleak, and the story gets more unsettling as Melanie finds out her mother is at the mercy of the main antagonist of the novel, Mr. I can’t gotoo the last time I finished a book in 24 hours.

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