Sri Bajrang Baan. This prayer, The Arrow of Hanuman is a very powerful mantra to destroy negativity and fear. It is said that sadhus in the jungle sing this when. Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan ।। श्री हनुमान बजरंग-बाण ।। Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan written by shri Goswami Tulsidas ji. Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan. The Bajrang Baan is a very powerful prayer dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Bajrang Baan literally means, the arrow of Bajrang Bali or Lord.

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Anonymous May 26, at Now being Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian hardly matters yes on Tuesday and Saturday it should not be consumed and Alcohol should be stopped immediately if you are worshiping Lord Hanuman!!

Shri Hanuman Stotra – Hanuman Bajrang Baan

This Blog is all about the Supernatural powers which are still bajrzng been identified by the Science and technology. Many even say that if its a God’s Mantra then why it vaan gives us satisfaction? What is Pitra Dosh? I would suggest reading Sankat mochan bevause there u r not ordering but requesting lord hanuman ji to help you and to protect and help you.

To every problem there is a solution and God’s always give a change to rectify our mistakes. I have been told that someone has done black magic on me. Whoever posted this, what is the Authenticity, that we follow what you have posted?

Anonymous January 28, at 5: Whosoever, worships Hanumanji, is saved from the malefic effects of Shani. Bhagwan is made of positive divine energies and there is no question of negative energies coming to Him.

Bajrang baan in english

bzjrang I am one of them, and seeking justice from GOD. Unseen Rajasthan August 27, at Unseen Rajasthan June 17, at 7: It is always evident that if we are forced to do something we will not do it hanman hear and later on results into problems.


The Writer of this webpage is in a complete “Dis-illusion” and have created doubts in the minds of others. It is true, I know someone who use the Bajarang Ban and that person die.

As you have forced them by bounding them with the Swears results will come out but the results are not long lasting. What an un-educated this webpage writer is, i can not believe. Instead of reading Bajrabg Baan if somebody will chant “Siya Ram” 5 times than hanumsn would be more effective than any other Mantra as Lord Hanuman is behind “Raam Naam” and if you are taking the name of “Raam” then Lord Hanuman would be happy without any efforts.

Neha September 8, at Please lord forgive me. Subscribe To Posts Atom.

I have been going thhru lots of problem in my married life past 18 years. If you have any questions then please put your mail Id also. Well, Hanuman Chalisa is no doubt a great tool to make Lord Happy but at the very same time it is bsan true that if You Chant Sundarkand daily once during sunset you will get quick and instant results.

I want to do this for my monther’s good health so can you suggest me what should i do and what not to do? Where are the answers, and what is it’s authenticity? Hope this post will benefit you hanjman some ways. Anonymous September 13, at 9: I gave swear to hangman ji for his baan mother and Sita and look he cursed me after I stopped reading it.

Please understand that if someone is going through the bad phase of life then he or she should not challenge the luck by chanting or reading such Mantra’s. Those 2 months of hnuman comfort would be added in the year and this ways you will have to complete your trouble period of 12 months which later on becomes 14 months.

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Enter your email address: Thanks, may he bless you.

Bajrang Baan By Narendra Chanchal I Full Audio Song I Art Track I Hamre Ramji Ko Ram Ram Kahiye

As mentioned in my last comment also i am just providing you the information on some hard grounds and its readers discretion to take the necessary actions!! Let Unseen Rajasthan make you aware about the Ancient black magic and supernatural powers of Ahnuman. But I want to know that if it is harmful why it is given in every book. I m not satisfied with above lines. All comes true with immense faith in oneself and on Almighty.

I would pass on this information to every body I come in contact. So, from the meaning of words we bakrang easily understand that it means Mantra’s which go as fast as Arrow and achieves the desired aim and will not be deviated from the path and gives you the surety of hitting the aim. This Mantra clearly states that Lord Hanuman you will have to do my work otherwise the swear will be breaked.

Sharodindu June 19, at hankman Hnaumanji is my best friend and im a live example that if you trust him, he can make impossible as possible for you.

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