Hickory Dickory Dock has ratings and reviews. Idrissa said: Why the hell doesn’t Goodreads have a galaxy (instead of just 5 stars) rating syst. Hickory Dickory Dock. An outbreak of kleptomania at a student hostel was not normally the sort of crime that aroused Hercule Poirot’s interest. But when he saw . A most unusual series of crimes at a student hostel intrigues Inspector Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s Hickory Dickory Dock, especially when a simple case.

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I found this adaptation rather disappointing. And the changes – aside from the addition of Japp and the dodk of Miss Lemon’s role – did not really help the story. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Sarah Badel really did look like she was related to Pauline Moran! And I enjoy Miss Lemon enjoying herself getting Poirot involved in this case and helping him out.

Hickory Dickory Dock

The end exchange between Poirot and Japp was just It felt like two men coming up with excuses to use naughty words, if I may be so blunt. I can’t believe you didn’t comment on the use of the literal mouse, and its role in triggering the chase scene. As far as the female students, I have been struck throughout this series by how the younger characters feel almost like they would jickory into today’s society or something close to it. That was even true of the characters in Christie’s books, albeit to a lesser extent than in the series – as hlckory as how often young women showed up who were in scientific or financial careers, the younger people’s being fairly blase about divorce and sex scandals and such.

With the exception of Missing Will Christie rarely made a plot point of developing education and career opportunities for women. There are actually curistie educated women, working women, even women in scientific or financial fields scattered throughout Christie.


While they’re not the norm, necessarily, and while some characters in the books, sometimes including Poirot will express disapproval or scepticism, or perhaps pity that they dhristie to” work, they agztha seem to not be a big deal – at least, not as big a deal as you would expect for the era. Difficulties being accepted in their fields or the question of whether they can still be attractive are rarely plot points.

Many end up dead Patricia and Celia or turn out to be criminals Alice Cunningham of the original Labours though. Not only is the murderer revealed early on, but the thief dickorg clearly shown in the first scene.

Full Cast & Crew

We also get to see her watching the jewels being removed from the rucksack and then we see them handed over to Mrs Nicoletis. That’s a lot of crucial information given away far too early.

And the thefts have already begun before the destruction of the rucksack, when in the book the whole point of the thefts was to make the rucksack look like just one theft among many. The attempts to make the nursery rhyme relevant ie the constant shots of the mouse are heavy-handed and a bit silly. While I realise it would have been difficult to justify their presence in the s, it’s a shame that when Christie tries only partly successfully to clean up her act on so-called ethnic minorities, the adaptation chooses to omit all but one and has Miss Lemon make a racist remark about her.

Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie

I’ll add my voice to the chorus of approval for Sarah Badel wgatha. I was just shocked to find in the end credits that the ginger bloke was Damian Lewis.

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“Poirot” Hickory Dickory Dock (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

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That seems a bit excessive, especially since the Series Five episode I mentioned set at about the same time covers the difficulty sgatha female students at universities. That was very much an Oxbridge thing rather than English universities in general.

Although Oxford had allowed women to be full members from though some parts of the university still resisted – e. However other universities had already moved on this in earlier years, with the developments at the University of London whose colleges are the natural places the students would be at having come in the 19th century. Yes how disappointing to see the murderer revealed in several scenes: I quite liked the comic relief scenes between those two.

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