Dec 31, Operating and service manual for the HPA Synthesizer/Function Generator. Complete with schematics. Who I HEWLETT mllnM PACKARD OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL MODEL A SYNTHESIZER/FUNCTION GENERATOR Serial Numbers: AH. HP / Hewlett Packard / Agilent Used A Synthesizer/Function Generator, Refurbished – Used Test Equipment at Test Equipment Depot.

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Repeat steps pp and qq for 10 Vpp.

Box 69, Marysville, Washington Printed: Otherwise, the front handle kit is available separately by its -hp- part number.

Use the TTL marker to check the frequency of points of interest on a swept frequency display. A TTL compatible output is present during a sweep operation see Paragraph NOTE Calculate the values of aj and a 0 to at least five decimal places. Basically, the A is programmed remotely in the same manner as it is programmed manually.

The manufacturer’s manuals and TM were used as the prime data sources in compiling these instructions. Remove the ohm feedthru termination between the A output and the oscilloscope input. The kit is shipped with the instrument if Option is also ordered. Connect the oscillator output between the center contact of A3J23 and ground.

Alternating or direct current power line. Change A amplitude to 3Vp-p, and remove the voltage divider from the circuit.



Option High Stability Frequency Reference. Connect A signal output to the AC voltmeter via a 6 ft. A2 – Page 8-C, Figure Set the sine wave signal source A as follows: Add – 6 335a to this number maanual enter on the performance test card. See Table for List of Manufacturers. Set the digital voltmeter as follows: Accuracy of DC Offset into 50 ohms: To avoid electrical shock, make sure the power cordis disconnected before removing the instrument cover.

Change A function to Triangle. Program examples using a specific Hewlett- Packard calculator as the system controller may be found in the Supplemental Programming Information, Appendix 3-A at the rear of this section.

Change A function to negative slope ramp. Configuring, Polling, and Unconfiguring.

3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator

The maximum time per sweep up or down for all sweep modes is Connect the oscilloscope through a Mylar R rms. Don’t have manial account? The type of power cable shipped with each instrument depends on the country of destination.

Select square wave, triangle, positive slope ramp, and negative slope ramp and verily that each function indicates the same frequency and peak-to-peak amplitude. Mabual front handle kit, -hp- Part No.

Numerical data must be entered most significant digit first, entering the decimal in the proper place.


The controller must place the HP-IB into the command mode and address to listen all devices that are to be returned to local. Instruments in this range do not have A3R or A3C Verify that sum is between 3. The A receives programming instructions when addressed to listen. Change the A function to positive slope ramp and set oscilloscope trigger to negative to verify the positive ramp.

Use a strong shipping container, A doublewall carton made of pound test material is adequate. Change the above equation for determining maximum dc offset to the following: Control Circuits Service Group C.

Full text of “HP A Synthesizer/Function Generator Operating and Service Manual”

With the A in its turn-on condition, set the frequency to 10 MHz, function to square manuxl, and amplitude to. Set A frequency to 2 kHz and amplitude to 40 Vpp.

Without changing the reference level, change the spectrum analyzer center frequency to Amplitude Modulation Distortion 9. Thsi is not a User Manual. The standard Model A provides selectable front or rear panel ohm signal outputs. Change attenuator to 12 dB.

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