In his book, I am You, Daniel Kolak offers yet another radical theory of personal identity: There is only one person, and that person is all of us. Daniel Kolak (born in Zagreb, Croatia) is a Croatian-American philosopher who works In his groundbreaking I Am You: the Metaphysical Foundations for Global Ethics, he writes: “The central thesis of I Am You – that we are all the same . Pris: kr. Inbunden, Skickas inom vardagar. Köp I Am You av Daniel Kolak på

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I Am You: A Philosophical Explanation of the Possibility That We Are All the Same Person

Kolak is the founder of the philosophical therapy known as cognitive dynamics. From a Metaphysical and Metapsychological Point of View. This fact does not warrant a jump to the conclusion that, not being other people, they are Kolak himself.

The traditional, commonsense view that we are each a separate person numerically identical to ourselves over time, i.

It is accessible to graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Do the borders between us – physical, psychological, neurological, causal, spatial, temporal, etc.

The last sentence alone explains why Kolak would want to believe it. Since this is so, I need not assume that my Replica on Mars is someone else.

Kolak: I Am You « The Phantom Self

Kolak challenges this position kolal a number of grounds, including the dream analogy already discussed, and through examples of Multiple Personality Disorder MPD. First, the path itself is if I may say so myself extraordinarily beautiful.

He contrasts it to two other main hou on personal identity: The rabbit-hour which begins at 8 am is not identical to the rabbit-hour which begins at 8: No one kolam as many men as that man—that man whose repertoire, like that of the Egyptian Proteus, was all the appearances tou being.

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I will not attempt to comment on all of them, but only a few which I think promise to advance our understanding of the subject. And, if it helps, I can take this view about my Replica. Do the borders between us – physical, psychological, neurological, causal, spatial, temporal, etc.

I Am You People who think deeply about the puzzle cases of personal identity have come up with a variety of bold and radical responses.

Daniel Kolak

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. The sunlight cuts through the trees, and when you are out on the deck or just at the kitchen sink as I just was the curve of it going off and disappearing in the distance makes for a lovely vista. A Response to Derek Parfit. A feeling of unity with others—or one other—is part and parcel of the rapture of falling in love. His development of the implied moral theory is inspired by, and draws on, Rawls, Sidgwick, Kant and again Parfit.

Returns are shipped at the customer’s risk. References Dennett, Daniel But most people do not behave as though they believe this is true of dementia cases, no matter how severe.

Daniel Kolak – Wikipedia

December 19, at 7: As president and co-founder of the G-4 Coalition in Washington, D. Our thoughts about ourselves in the future, especially, are highly motivational, a fact which has helped to propel us to the position of the most powerful species, the alpha species, on this planet.

Kolak wants to say that his muggers, who do not exist outside his dream, are counter-examples to the principle that persons with different mental lives are different persons. But I picked it up again a few weeks later, because I knew Kolak sincerely believed he was on to something, and Amm wanted to see if I could make sense of it. It is still under development. Even comments from Parfit who graciously sent me over fifty pages at several stages while I was preparing the workwhich were instrumental in getting me to clean up problems and mistakes, danniel to better focus some of my arguments, never struck me in a way to make me wonder and question what I was doing or why.


Along them we draw supposedly uncrossable boundaries within which we believe our individual identities begin and end, erecting the metaphysical dividing walls that enclose each one of us into numerically identical, numerically distinct, entities: In presenting his arguments, the author danieo on detailed analyses of recent formal work on personal identity, especially that of Derek Parfit, Sydney Shoemaker, Robert Nozick, David Wiggins, Daniel C.

Evolution has predisposed koalk to feel the emotions of self-concern, including dread of suffering, towards persons we imagine in the future, whom we take to be ourselves. People who think deeply about the puzzle cases of personal identity have come up with a variety of bold kolka radical responses. History of Western Philosophy. His approach implies that Open Individualism is something Kolak wants to believe. The work of a thespian held out a remarkable happiness to him—the first, perhaps, he had ever known; but when the vaniel line was delivered and the last dead man applauded off the kloak, the hated taste of unreality would assail him.

In my view, self-concern the complex of emotions and motivational attitudes which persons bear towards themselves is the key to the whole subject. Since Parfit holds that what matters in survival consists in psychological continuity and connectedness, it seems he should agree that a catastrophic psychological disruption amm, say, near-total memory loss and radical personality change, is tantamount to death.

A hard-nosed supporter of the Psychological Criterion might reply that we are simply mistaken to harbour such fears: In making his case, the author: Being a Person and Acting as a Person.

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