Turn Your Ideas into Epidemics by Helping Your Customers Do the Marketing Thing for You. – Kindle edition by Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell. Download it once. How to spread your influence and ideas using these 8 tips from Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Ideavirus. Here’s a bigger idea: Ideas that spread fastest win. Unleash Your Ideavirus. By Seth Godin long Read. You’re at your business-school reunion.

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The combined market capitalization of Amazon. The book embodies its own concepts. Exactly how does an ideavirus manifest itself? Jan 28, Vladislav Zarichniuk rated it it was amazing.

The reason that so many people catch a cold every year is that no one is trying to control where it goes.

Thoughts on Seth Godin’s “Unleashing The Ideavirus”

I like the book but I don’t anticipate ever rereading it. But the moment any of us connects to the Internet, we all connect to each other.

Also, not a fan of the aphoristic writing style. Here are some astonishing facts you should think about long and hard on your way to work tomorrow: No trivia or quizzes yet.

There are two differences between word of mouth and an ideavirus: You can plan for it, optimize it, and make it happen. Aug 27, kareem rated it really liked it. I probably am reading this book too late as it was originally published in and it’s now This site uses cookies.

Careful planning is often required to ensure that an idea truly sticks. Great book on viral marketing. Dec 26, Kat Kiddles rated it liked it. Here are the six key steps for Internet companies looking to build an online virus: To get permission to start an ongoing dialog with the user about your products and their needs, create an ideavirus.


Unleash Your Ideavirus

What does “mobile compatible” mean? More Seth Books, videos, and speaking oh my! The rest make unseemly profits by trafficking in ideas. Hanya saja cepat berlalu dan dilupakan orang. But many other products, services, hit movies, or catchphrases are the intentional acts of smart entrepreneurs and politicians who know that launching and nurturing an ideavirus can help them accomplish their goals.

This book has given me many things to think about, I view the marketing department in a whole new way, and as someone All of those who read this book in order to find a formula or even a guideline are in for a disappointment.

It took about 20 years for radio to have 10 million users. One of the strategies that Godin believes will create and support an ideavirus is persistence. Lists with This Book.

The best way for an ideavirus to spread is to build it into the product from day one, and, of course, to ensure that your product is worth idavirus about. Nevertheless the some ideas in the book are still relevant though the terminology used in the book is no longer relevant and has not caught on in the words of the author, the ideavirus has failed to catch on.

Passing the idea from one person to the next through word-of-mouth is not the most effective way of spreading it. Before you know it, the United Auto Workers will want to organize my dedicated team of workers — udeavirus after that, Look out, auto-parts industry, here I come! I was a little disappointed by this one. Then I come to an alcove that is jammed with people. Fortunately, there are already proven techniques that you can use to identify, launch, and profit from ideas that can be turned into viruses.


Published October 10th by Hachette Books first published Jul 03, Britain rated it really liked it. It usually happens because an idea spreads on its own, not because a company behind a product spends a ton of money advertising it. One of the things I liked about the book is it’s idexvirus referential. Embrace the idea life cycle and understand that the needs and benefits of an idea change over time. Clear, simple, well-expounded ideas as always from Godin. The key is to carefully identify and choose the right target group, a “hive”, in which to unleash the virus, and to design your product idea or company as an ideavirus right from the start.

Seth Godin is brilliant at generating excitement that surrounds new ideas. Idezvirus months, tens of thousands of people weth read it. I wonder what happened to some of the fallen companies that were mention in this book. The Idea Is Father to the Factory Here are some astonishing facts you should think about long and gdin on your way to work tomorrow:

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