Indelible (Yara Silva Trilogy, book 2) by Lani Woodland – book cover, description, publication history. Yara is beginning to understand just how much her life will change now that her Waker abilities have emerged. She has come to terms with the fact that seeing. Popular Series By Lani Woodland. The Yara Silva Trilogy. 2 books in this series. Intrinsical. from: $ #1. Indelible. #2. List View | Grid View. Books by Lani.

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Indrlible did an amazing job with other characters apart from MCs I liked the dynamic of her relationship with Brent and I really hope it will stay as simple and sweet in the next book.

Indelible (Yara Silva Trilogy) by Lani Woodland | LibraryThing

Join the group for discussions and much more fun Have you heard of Eternal Starling Emblem of Eternity, 1 by the debut author, Angela Corbett? There is so much to explore in this world and I have the feeling that I’ve only gotten a peek at what is to come. Overall; an interesting YA paranormal romance. Can I give a book six stars? The action begins on page one, dumping you right into a hot little mess.

Apr 22, Alexa rated it it was indelibke Shelves: I pushed it to 3 sittings ; It was very hard to put down invelible I found myself so many nights thinking: I have a hard time enjoying any book without at least a little romance in i I became an avid reader in elementary school, when I first discovered the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins series.


If all the mysteries already got unveiled, should you introduce new ones or concentrate on something else? There are many swoon worthy moments, but you will come to be very intoxicated by one particular individual.

The Yara Silva trilogy 1 8 Jun 26, I didn’t think it was possible to like Yara any more than I already indelivle.

Indelible – Lani Woodland – Google Books

I even liked that he called her Cupcake. There are so many terrifying and “haunting” images in this book pun intended. Previously published on my blog: In my review for IntrinsicalI mentioned that I didn’t warm up to her right away, but in IndelibleI completely loved her!

She tries to take the easy way out someti I love it when I enjoy a sequel more than the first! It was too cute! I think Yara is a good role model for YA readers: But that is when all the fun begins. Once I got my hands on this book.

Mar 24, Nana rated it really liked it. However, after thinking about it, I’ve decided to go ahead with a solid 5 stars because 4. Yara is drawn to new acquaintance Brent and eventually discovers that he has the ability to astral-project. Was this going to be a CoFA repeat? Aug 13, Amber rated it really liked it Shelves: I could see everything playing out in my head and it reminded me of the wonderful horror I felt as a kid when I went through the haunted mansion at Disneyland.

Book freaks — members — last activity Dec 26, But at the same time, there was no way all the questions could have been answered and all the issues resolved in just this book. The West is under threat. Like now, or the closest you can get to right now?



Hardcoverpages. And the ending freaking rocked.

My YA loving friends, this is a ‘must read’ for you. This shows that an author can bring the images in her head to the paper and invoke a reaction from you, the reader!

Indelible (Yara Silva Trilogy)

And how are Yara and Brent dealing with these mysteries? She witnesses a dark mist attack Brent, a handsome fellow student, and rushes to his rescue.

We woodlanr hints and clues until the whole story slowly unfolds like a big jigsaw puzzle. It just seemed like such a sloppy way to get the book back on track.

A nasty ghost, one that can actually hurt Yara, Sophia, has it in for them. I’m tired of heroines being outcasts because of their powers but having male characters with powers not having any drawbacks.

When an author takes the time to create inde,ible concept it’s nice to see them explain it at length and use it in the plot. Now while some may like the idea like her best friend Cherie that Yara can talk to ghosts. The Yara Silva Trilogy 2. Yara, the main character, is a Waker.

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