The first thing you learn about Omar Nasiri is that even his name is an alias. Read “Inside the Jihad My Life with Al Qaeda” by Omar Nasiri with Rakuten Kobo . Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s. Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s top foreign intelligence services-including France’s DGSE (Direction Read More.

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Abu Zubeida had told him in Afghanistan that Abu Hamza’s hands had not been blown off in combat operations but in mishandling nitro-glycerine.

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I wonder how many other jihadis share his background and his sensibilities, and whether we will ever be able to find a middle ground.

But what about the US government?

As an Arab and a Muslim, he was able to infiltrate the rigidly controlled Afghan training camps, where he encountered men who would later be known as the most-wanted terrorists on earth: Nov 18, Thomas Ptacek rated it it was ok Shelves: This narrative doesn’t match Nasiri’s; his brother’s religious turn to Salafism coincided with his involvement in the GIA and recruitment of Nasiri as a weapons runner.

Was that not careless for him to be released so he can johad go back and spill the beans about what he had ben jiad in Afghanistan?

What is most interesting is that the interviewee, Nasiri, at no point said he was spying on al-Qaeda. The Western Empire s is subjecting the world to a cultural, economical, intellectual mihad even military invasions, according to many millions in different parts of the world including the West.

Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda

Preview — Inside the Jihad by Omar Nasiri. Click here for more. I enjoyed this insider’s perspective on Islamic extremism. The constant ‘celebration of difference’ that we have been brainwashed with over ojar last few decades is the main reason why we will never get to grips with the Islamist threat.


Inside the Jihad – Wikipedia

While I am in agreement with Omar’s views about the “killing of innocents” nasiro the “jihad” and that the West historically occupies and exploits other countries which, in turn, creates “terrorism”, I do not agree with the “p Very insightful and frontline view into the naxiri and future of the “jihad” as the West refers to it and the many viewpoints and flavors this term evokes.

Al Sadeeq Khalden x After so many years of ignoring the Islamic elephant in the room, is it any wonder that so many people still refuse to see it? But today De Morgen – leftist flemish newspaper – claimed the Laatste Nieuws was wrong. Once we had accomplished so much–in science, mathematics, medicine, philosophy.

The author was in a unique position to successfully “pose” as a mujahidin, jihadist, or terrorist depending on your perspective and report back to the authorities in Europe. Under the Black Flag. I had this book with me for a year and read it many times and delightfully discovered something new on every read!

Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda by Omar Nasiri

When describing his training, I kept thinking about how the guns, explosives and chemicals were simply toys to him – you can almost see him internally jumping for joy the first time he handles an AK ON said he had reported this conversation to AH. It’s a fascinating story, reading at times like a novel, but it’s clear that Nasiri — unlike ex-Islamist memoirists Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz — remains committed to the goals of Islamism, including violence, though within limits that the GIA, al-Qaida, and other jihadist groups transgress.

While it’s true that Nasiri enjoys life in Europe — along with wine, cigarettes and womanizing — he makes it clear that his fellow fighters eschew everything ” taghut ,” including Nasiri’s secret lifestyle, and resent the “cultural imperialism” of the United States. However, because it is written by an author who must disguise himself, it is tough to know if it is all accurate.


Sent back to Europe with instructions to form a sleeper cell, Nasiri became a conduit for messages going back and forth between Al Qaeda’s top recruiter in Pakistan and London’s radical cleric Abu Qatada.

From the netherworld of Islamist cells in Belgium, to the training camps of Afghanistan, to the radical mosques of London, he risked his life to defeat the emerging global network that the West would come to know as Al Qaeda. The arrests were part of a joint security operation with France, Britain, Sweden, and Italy before the World Cup soccer match in Paris.

Michael Scheuer offers up Nasiri’s memoir as evidence of his theory that jihadists are motivated by neither religion nor hatred of the West but foreign policy grievances alone. The book also provides such intricate details of Islam community that it takes me a step closer to the religion itself.

However, there was an article in het Laatste Nieuws that claimed the program was fake. It’s a gripping account of a Jihas born spy who infiltrates an Algerian terrorist cell in Belgium and training camps in Afghanistan.

The Osama bin Laden I Know. March 9, Juhad Yemen, al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia. The story was dramatic in its own right and did not need sexing up or perhaps down to the level of a docudrama.

Oct 17, Mythu Devan rated it it was amazing.

His motivations for joining in jihad are a mixture of belief in getting American and European influence out of Muslim lands, the opportunity to play with cool toys, and his desire to be “taken care of” by the DGSE.

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