Introduction to Phenomenology has ratings and 35 reviews. Foad said: يك روز خوب با ادموند هوسرلدر كنار ادموند هوسرل روى جدول خيابان نشسته اى و توپ. Robert Sokolowski. Catholic University of America. Abstract. This book presents the major philosophical doctrines of phenomenology in a clear, lively style with. Introduction to Phenomenology by Robert Sokolowski (review). Richard Cobb- Stevens. The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review, Volume 66, Number 1.

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This is clearly a book written from the perspective of Husserlian phenomenology, though other phenomenologists are covered. Sullivan No preview available – He then provides a phenomenological perspective on perception, language, memory, identity, and time, which includes both temporal time and time consciousness.

Introduction to Phenomenology – Robert Sokolowski – Google Books

Science Logic and Mathematics. Please try again later. Jan 20, Marcela sokolpwski it it was amazing Shelves: Introduction to Phenomenology by Robert Sokolowski. Phenomenology also examines the limitations of truth: Contrary to what some reviewers on Amazon, notably have said, you won’t be able to ‘do’ phenomenology after reading this book. Sokolowski has provided the reader with the tools this perspective uses for reflection.

I have long felt discomfort with phenomenological sokoolowski in that rather than it pointing to falsifiable hypotheses, as Introductiom would presume we seek in a shared search for truth, it tends to make its serpentine concepts impossible to grip. Caught within a trap of it’s own making, western thought is faced with the task of re-negotiating the rough waters of reality.

History of Western Philosophy. Anyone who wants insight into one of Continental philosophy’s most influential movements should read this book cover to cover and repeat. But as a reaction to “mind in a box” epistemology it at least provides a refreshing new perspective. When we think or speak about things in their absence, and when we perceive them, we deal with those things and not inyroduction mental substitutes.


No matter how “elevated” the cognition, in phenomenology our shared human faculties provide the foundation. Jan 25, Danielle rated it really liked it.

Books by Robert Sokolowski. Philosophical Investigations into the Character of Cognitive Experiences. View all 15 comments.

This is the introduction to phenomenology that many of us have been waiting for. Phenomenological literature, nearly without exception, has a revivalist tone, to quote Sokolowski: It actually got me excited about the ins and outs of phenomenology.

Though phenomenology comprises only part of the entire Continental lineage, it nonetheless played a massive role in that tradition’s development. We achieve the latter point of view by employing a method that Husserl calls “reduction” which is achieved by suspending or neutralizing our natural attitude of belief in the reality of things and the world. It doesn’t simply tell you what phenomenology does, but it actually leads the reader into thinking in the particular way phenomenology thinks about things.

It is a philosophy book. If this is the easiest and clearest introduction to Phenomenology I’m glad I didn’t opt for any of the others. It also puts the human being in the world fully connected. General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology.

Overall, this is an outstanding introduction to phenomenology; it is clear, concise and helpful. The faculty of vision is so efficient that it has led phenomenologists and Lockeans astray, both, for it seems that sensations flow through our eyes like water into buckets, when more correctly the brain and retinal cells are acting as flickering searchlights for preconceptions.

Introduction to Phenomenology

Overall, the unorthodox approach taken here fits well with the subject matter. Learn more about Amazon Prime. This elucidates the subject matter to an exponential degree as well as moistening up what could have been a very dry read.

We’re connected to the thing experienced, and our experiences make up a part of that thing’s being. In this book, Sokolowski has given us a concise, lucid, and cogently argued introduction to phenomenology, which displays many of its contributions to our understanding of human thought, action, and speech, and which leaves little doubt about the integrity and efficacy of the philosophical enterprise Sokolowski continues to share his insights on phenomenology by discussing how things appear to the self.


PettNancy R. Cambridge University Press- Philosophy – pages. The appendix on the history of phenomenology is one of authors and schools and how they relate to each other theoretically and personal contact. Sometimes entire pages are dedicated to saying the same thing over in the same way. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. This book presents the major philosophical doctrines of phenomenology in a clear, lively style with an abundance of examples.

Phenomenology of the Human Person. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The second is internal time or subjective time. I came across Sokolowski’s work about two years ago.

Apr 01, Olivia rated it really liked it Shelves: What makes this text especially helpful as an introduction is that it is written almost as a textbook for a psychology, sociology, or political science textbook would be written, i. His step by step approach takes you through multiple, ever-more precise discussions of what phenomenology is can be a bit slow, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for clarity.

This book was really an exercise of translating American neopragmatic philosophical concepts into phenomenological concepts. The most beneficial thing about the book is the keen insights that can be gleaned from the study of phenomenology for the burgeoning studies If you are unfamiliar with this branch of philosophy, then this is a great book for anyone wanting to know introductipn basics of Phenomenology.

This concept connects our consciousness to the world.

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