The hexagonal beam (or known by many as the hex beam) has become a wildly popular antenna. It is a directional antenna that provides great performance and . One Station Steve DL1YAL, gave me the link to EA4CYQ Juan’s website showing his impressive SAT antenna the IOIo. The site contains. Na de MOXON antenne toch maar de CJU antenne gemaakt. Deze werkt zeer leuk, en zeer makkelijk te bouwen en licht in gewicht en.

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At first we tried just soldering the rods end to end, in a butt-joint, but it wasn’t strong enough. Later in January 2.

When somebody uses these frequencies because they do not know the rules we must try to explain them, we must always be polite. Houd me via e-mail op de hoogte van nieuwe reacties. I would recommend the FT over the FT I used the inner diameter of the perch and it was perfect.

IOio – Google Drive

Sign up to our Newsletter Get our latest news and links in your email. It was’nt long before the signals came flooding into my FT, I successfully worked three Stations during the Pass. It also has a wide variety of scrap metal, wood, and plastic.

I await my next project whilst playing some more Ham Radio! It is much easier to hear yourself on the downlink which is possible on the ft So any help will be welcome.

Simon, thanks for the update, I’m reading your IOio page now: I’ve been able to listen to several passes of AO just standing in my living room and pointing it towards my large east-facing windows. So the result was excellent and I just keep turning the antenna in the the approaching VO Satellite’s direction at the moment before the SAT is in range.

Now solder each short side onto one end of the piece you installed earlier, making one large rectangle! I was very impressed and wanted to experiment further, so I decided to try a slight change by changing the polarisation on MHz, making the antenna X shape. Your email address will not be published. Now I just got to find my silva compas, instead of the tiny little one I got in a Lucky Bag. This antenna has a bit less gain than the seven elements Arrow antenna because the IOio antenna is equivalent to a four elements yagui antenna, but we have experienced that it has enough gain to receive the satellites comfortably.


Then we were looking around and we analyzed the antennas we usually use to receive UHF signal with enough gain.

Building an IOio satellite antenna

Proudly powered by WordPress. We were browsing the Net searching for a high gain UHF antenna to be attached directly to the HT, but we only found whip antennas that we have just tested. February 14, at 8: Lengths of elements are as follows. But the original Arrow and what I built have an advantage with side effects.

Again, try to keep it aligned with the antenn you’ve already drilled so everything comes out straight at the end. Amateur Radio had been a great hobby and amateur radio satellite communication is quite an interesting part of this hobby.

IOio antenna 2m/70cm for satellite | Bxhome

This link is listed in our web site directory since Wednesday Dec 30and till today ” The IOio Antenna ” has been followed for a total of times. I installed it on a tubular mast of 5 feet and aimed it N. His landlord is a charming old man who lives next door, and Nick’s garage is filled with the detritus of a lifetime of handywork. Take one 36″ rod and pass it through. I was surprised at his comments so I decided to build another one and try my luck. Everything about assembly is mentioned step by step in the Manual.

Je reageert onder je Twitter account. I take advantage of this opportunity to say hello to all hams who work this mode and all the hams from Vegas Altas del.


After this is done, drill the holes at the marked points on the wooden dowel. The Arrow antenna has seven elements in a 1.

So we became again searching for a linear polarized UHF yagui, because if we work antenma a hand held antenna, to install a circular polarized one is a nonsense.

As ahtenna can see IOIO contain two separate loops for vhf and uhf so this antenna needs a duplexer so that we can connect only one handy radio to it otherwise we need to connect two separate radio, one for rx and one for tx.

EA4CYQ’s instructions are a little light on details about what materials he used. Well, in a couple of afternoons I have antenan built the prototype, now Pedro EB4DKA had to test it because he is the expert at working in portable conditions. The MHz driven element is the hardest of the four to make.

However, it’s also larger for Field Day portability. Some years ago the hams imagination who work satellites gave the outcome the Arrow antenna.

All that’s left to do now is solder a piece of coax to each driven element and connect it to a diplexer, or to your dual-band, dual-antenna rig if you have one or, if there is such a thing. Rather than taking one 36″ rod and adding 3.

The driven element is a rectangle, 4. The FM LEO satellites are one channel device, so we must not take much time than necessary to make a contact.

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It is a pity to listen to hams, specially from our country, through the satellites. Je reageert onder je WordPress.

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