daily cloridrato-de-irinotecano-tri-hidratado-teva-farmaceutica-ltda-solucao-injetavel- bula. Bula Amoxilina Hidroxizina Cloridrato de Hidroxizina Cloridrato de Irinotecano Cloridrato de Irinotecano Cloridrato de Lidocaína Detentor Referência Classe. IFL (irinotecano, 5-fluorouracil e leucovorin) e o IFL + BV (IFL associado ao bevaci- No intuito de melhorar os aspectos gráficos do conteúdo textual da bula.

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Information on each drug were added to a database created by MySQL, a database management system.

FOLFIRINOX – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

An empirical evaluation of the system usability scale. In the usability evaluation with health informatics professionals, it itinotecano decided to apply Nielsen’s heuristic as the instrument.

Determining what individual SUS scores mean: In addition, it also enables users to access the application even if they are not connected in the Internet.

The total sum of 10 questions, multiplied by 2. This tool was evaluated with regard to user satisfaction and usability, which helped promote improvements in software before it becomes available to the public.


For items 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, the score is the position of the scale minus 1; for items 4, 6, 8, and 10, the contribution is 5 discounting the scale position. Such a discrepancy is relevant during auditing practice and brings several conclusions in the process. A web-based tutorial for parents of young children with autism: In the usability evaluation, 14 problems were identified in the mobile version and eight in the web system.

Health informatics professionals invited had to have, preferably, a specialization, a master’s or doctorate degree irinotscano the irinnotecano, and basic knowledge of Nielsen’s heuristic. The standardization of drug information with the same active principle was not completed, but pharmaceutical guide constitute an important information source in Brazil that has been changed several times: Grossi LM contributed to the conception of the project, analysis and interpretation of the data irunotecano drafting of the manuscript.

Still, having correct information on drugs is fundamental. Implementation of improvements according to the evaluation findings were made in both versions. International J Hum Comput Interact.


In nurse audit practice, although diffusion is restricted, the informatics have been used to codify physician fees, preanalysis of hospital bill by health providers, and analysis of auditing in relation to the electronic health record. There are new tools, new irinotecanp, and new activites demading specialists in any country, and there are many opportunities for those who decide to irinotecnao technological information into daily practice.

Telemed J E Health. In addition, the study results suggest that the application can have high impact if more pharmacological groups are included.

Oncoaudit: development and evaluation of an application for nurse auditors

hula Web services were implemented directly in the web system using a plugin by Drupal. A Likert scale was used, with values ranging from 1 totally disagree to 5 total agree ; 3 indicated a neutral response. Nurse auditing in oncology is an area that often causes irinktecano, and few nurses identify them. Collaborations Grossi LM contributed to the conception of the project, analysis and interpretation of the data and drafting of the manuscript.

The evaluators in this study suggested iginotecano the search function should have a single filter to find both brand and generic names. Pisa IT contributed with analysis and interpretation of the data and critical review to improve the manuscript intellectual content. Data are updated automatically when synchronization was last performed 7 days previously or manually with use of an icon available on the application’s homepage. Marin HF contributed to the conception of the project, analysis and interpreation of the data, reviews and drafting of the manuscript to improve its intellectual content and approval of thi final version for publication.

Previous studies observed the uniformity and ifinotecano in information in pharmaceutical guide lists about the same drug, such as chemical and pharmacological characteristics, indications, contraindications, precautions and advertencies, drug interactions in adverse effects, posology, and overdosage. In evaluation of the Oncoaudit in the iirinotecano system, only one problem irinotefano classified as catastrophic and two as severe.

The catastrophic problem concerned error prevention, in which the bulw evaluator verified that in pharmacological group locking could occur during the search.


Results Drugs selection was based on two pharmaceutical guides and entailed drugs. In a hospital bill audit, the nurse needs to verify whether drugs listed in the bill are consistent with medical prescriptions and if they were charged according to the contracted plan. Considering total evaluation in both products, they found 14 problems irinotevano the mobile version according to Nielsen’s heuristic, whereas the web version showed eight problems.

First, the application was presented to professionals, and the evaluator inspected the application, using the heuristics as a guide to identify possible problems. The problem for the mobile version that was classified as catastrophic was comprised in the first heuristic: To access the application, users must first register. The methods for development and evaluation were adequate to achieve the proposed objective. Conclusion It was developed an application containing information to support auditing of drugs in hospital bills.

The other evaluator also perceived the same problem but classified the problem as severe. To irinotecank Oncoaudit on a mobile device Figure 2the user must first register in the web system through the link “click here”.

After login, the first page lists drugs in alphabetic order. However, it is necessary to stay connected to the Internet upon first access to perform the initial synchronization with irinofecano for the drug pharmaceutical guide and storage data of local login.

In practice, pharmaceutical guides are used to verify indication, posology, stability, administration route, and general guidance on the product by the manufacturer. The three health informatics professionals assessed usability in both the mobile and web environments.

Research of technological production for development of an application for web and mobile technology. Drugs selection was based on two pharmaceutical guides and entailed drugs. This activity is exclusive of the nurse as stated by resolution no.

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