The recent ATM jackpotting attacks in Europe and Asia beg the question: ( Barnaby Jack – Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux.

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With all of the cash extracted, one might think that remote control over the ATM is no longer valuable. But in this case, Jack emptied one of the containers remotely jackpottingg giving the unsuspecting passersby a Jackpot of their own.

Jack demonstrated how his customized ATM control software could trace each and every ATM card that is inserted into the ATM, remotely downloading the log file that contained this recorded information, saving it to his laptop.

After an ATM reboot, and with the rootkit installed, Jack can now query the machine for its network settings and its physical location.

Black Hat has ended. Finally, I will discuss protection mechanisms that ATM manufacturers can implement to safeguard against these attacks. Create Your Own Event.

Of course, this information could be sold on the black market. Jack selected one of the containers, and out came the money. The upside automatdd this is that there has been an additional year to research ATM attacks, and I’m armed with a whole new bag of tricks. There are basically two ways to conduct the attack, either through physically or remote means.


Black Hat USA Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux 4/5 on Make a GIF

WednesdayJuly 28 ThursdayJuly Menu Schedule Attendees Search. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the talk was pulled at the last minute.

Simple Expanded Grid By Venue. Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux Sign up or log in to save this to your schedule and see who’s attending! Wednesday July 28, 1: All Break Opening Ceremonies Reception.

The most prevalent attacks on Automated Teller Machines typically involve the use of card skimmers, or the physical theft of the machines themselves. I think I’ve got that kid beat.

Walking over to the compromised machine, and by inserting a custom credit card or by entering a special key sequenceJack is granted access to the custom menu he built. This is so not the case.

The alternative, a remote attack, gives the attacker complete control of the ATM from a remote location. But, Jack was about to show the audience something rare. Log in Sign up.

Black Hat USA 2010: Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux 4/5

Rarely do we see any targeted attacks on the underlying tleler. In this case, the jackpot included IOActive cash, granting the bearer access to an IOActive event to be held later during the conference. I will demonstrate both local and remote attacks, and I will reveal a multi-platform ATM rootkit. I’ve always liked the scene in Terminator 2 where John Connor walks up to an ATM, interfaces his Atari to the card reader and retrieves cash from the machine. View Support Guides Event questions?


Jack noted that it is rare to see any targeted attacks on the underlying software. Of course, as the method describes, this requires physical access to the machine that could easily lead to the thief being caught and exposed as one of those dumb criminals seen on TV.

From this menu, Jack is able to select any of the menu options available to him, four of which allow him to empty each of the four cash containers. The most prevalent attacks on ATMs, however, typically involve the use of card skimmers, or the physical theft of the machines themselves, as these are both physically and technically less challenging.

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