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The only obstacle in their way of the total colonization of the Indian subcontinent was the existence of the same rule, which they had succeeded in weakening during the course of time They liquidated its chief ighters and eminent personages in order to eradicate the deep-rooted Islamic civilization and to completely uproot this corpulent and old tree which was shown of any power of resistance at that time, and to make India a part of the British empire.

Kitab Mukhtashar Bukhari dan Muslim Karya Imam Zabidi dan Imam Mundziri Karena banyak Hadits dalam Jauyar Bukhari dan Shahih Muslim yang berulang, yakni berbeda matan teks namun bermakna sama, serta pencantumannya pun tidak disusun menggunakan metode bab tematik, maka disusunlah sebuah mukhtashar bagi kedua kitab tershahih tersebut. Selanjutnya tentang daratan meliputi bumi, laut, air, udara dan api. What is kept concealed in the breast of the Lovers? Jadi keseluruhan Hadits dalam kitab ini berjumlah Hadits, yang di dalam versi terjemah ini semua Hadits tersebut ditulis dengan lafadz Arab dan terjemah Indonesia.

Discerning eyes bleed in pain, For faith is ruined by knowledge in this age. But there is no one to drive away his sorrow— How bitter jauhad the days of man!

The distinction of tribes is the cause of all ruin. The parting sun has left behind mounds and mounds of rubies, the best from Badakhshan. Knowledge is the child of the Book; Love is the mother of the Book.



The atmosphere in the school is so pleasant, But only in deserts are people like Faruq and Salman born. Love is the Word of God. Oh, this eternal death! These are immature thoughts, expel them from your heart! And who did unbelieving hosts to spread Your name and glory slay? By words and deeds he gives a proof of Mighty God, His reach and power.

Strange is Love at the beginning, strange in its perfection! And whose lives write them clearly down As servers of the time? You will be asked to do the work of taking on responsibility for the world.

#imamhaddad Instagram – Photo and video on Instagram

Who are your parents and ancestors? Perfume the tauhjd breeze, and ill the earth with scent of you. In the world you were a slave!

O Lord of the universe! Tigris, Danube and Nile: O Kalim of the pinnacle Sina of learning! The ocean is my goal. The Muslim is destined to last as his Azan holds the key to the mysteries of the perennial message of Abraham and Moses.

Is this Your recompense to those who sacrifice their lives for You? Neither mullah nor faqih envisages the fact that Unity of thought without unity of action is imperfect. Do not complain if bare feet bleed. Urne Se Pehle Par-Fishan Tauhif Ja Your wings and your plumage are soiled with the dust of colour and race; You, my bird of the holy shrine, shake your wings before you start to fly.

tauuhid His contented self has no demands on this world or the other. Lightning is permitted to Love, Harvest is forbidden. For the dawn arises from the blood of a hundred thousand stars. They came glad lovers, begging love; with future promise turned away: Knows he to whom are revealed the inner secrets of Time: Understand that we are also where our heart is. No sovereigns and no monarchs, no mendicants begging! My poets of the East to madness dedicate. jauar


Secret Tunnel of Padmini Mahal which goes to Jauhar Kund; See here | FilmiBeat

When Love no bondage knows, then why should Beauty not be free? Intellect is your shield, Love is your sword; My dervish! Awaken in them an iron will, And make their eye a sharpened sword. This was known to the English very well and to those who were acquainted with the Indian afairs, who used to tell them. I wish that my prayer would have efect—Give to a beggar, bounteous Lord!

Despite the limit of azure skies, Ordained for this handful of dust. Dikatakan “agar tetap mulia” karena memang dasar kodrat wanita adalah mulia.

Jauhar al-tauhid – Google Books

Dominant, creative, resourceful, consummate. Berguru Kepada Khidir Karya Habib Idrus Al-Hamid Buku ini termasuk referensi paling lengkap yang membahas segala sesuatu tentang Nabi Khidir ‘Alaihissalam, karena diambil dari berbagai keterangan dan kitab para Ulama yang mu’tabar.

There were two courses of action open to them, that is, either the politico- cultural movement, or a purely cultural movement to meet the challenge threatening the position of the Muslims. Love is conviction entire, and conviction is the key! Inhe presided over the Allahabad session of the all India Muslim league. And darts shooting out of those eyes, Even today, are on target. You can select the star you like, so that your Fate this star may guide!

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