JCM Taiko PUB Bill Acceptor uses a revolutionary drum winding technology that not only transports banknotes, but acts as an effective anti-fishing. AUBURN, Maine, Dec. 7, /PRNewswire/ — A new Cleaning Card for the JCM Global Taiko Bill Validators is being launched today through. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Home · Bill validators; JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11).. JCM TAIKO (PUB – 7/11). Il TAIKO is small, efficient, secure and very easy to use.

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Cpu Circuit Board Removal Straighten or replace Pins or the entire Connector.

JCM Taiko™ Bill Validator Cleaning Cards

Figure Encoder Circuit Board Removal Do not throw or pound hard on the Unit. Careful measures are taken in this product to ensure its quality; however, the following cautions should be read and understood by all users in order to confirm safe operation.

Dispose of used Card in an environmentally safe manner. Dip Switch Configurations Error Codes And Conditions This equipment is intended for indoor use only.

JCM TAIKO PUB-7/11 Manuals

The equipment produces improper operating signals while in maintenance mode that may cause personal injury. Primary Unit Disassembly Refer to the Barcode Coupon Specification. Pub System Wiring Diagrams continued Workbench Tool Requirements If not, the Tailo may be damaged.


Troubleshooting Overview This product allows the operator to perform fault diagnosis by checking various fault Table listings against the symptom, and survey the cause s of any failure occurrences during the process.

The Program Download Screen shown in Figure will then appear. Refer to the applicable Software Information Sheet to obtain the required cloning features Software. The greatest fishing protection is obtained by selecting the five rotation setting.

When an end user duplicates the Manual to maintain operation of the product or operate the jc, in general. Fault Table Listings Software Download Preparation The Lenses can become clouded by chemical effect that may cause acceptance errors. Prepare the Conversion Program as follows: Defining Pattern 1 Perform cleaning and maintenance regularly when using jcmm equipment in a place where excessive Automobile exhaust emission or Cigarette Smoke may exist.

Banknote jams occur often. Figure Taiko Transport Drum Removal The default setting is Pattern 1.

The default settings are to accept all Denominations of the Specific Country. Holding the Unit by one hand tqiko cause personal injury if the Unit accidently becomes disassembled and falls apart. Introduction Most Banknote Validator failures are due to minor causes.


The unit contains several precision electronic devices which can be damaged if water or any liquid is sprayed or taimo into the unit. Remove Cleaning Card from pouch and insert it into the Banknote Validator.

TAIKO™ (PUB-7/11) – JCM Global – JCM Global

Excluded Host communication time lag. The Acceptance Test detects the proper presence of inserted Banknotes. Complete Taiko Unit Exploded View The active Roller may cause personal injury. If this information is required, please contact the closest office location listed below: After an initial operation is performed, the LED will flash a number of times equal to the total number of Banknote denominations processed. Pub-7 System Wiring Diagrams continued Click here to get the PDF file for this product.

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