Jerry Fodor’s Modularity of Mind is a beginning [It] is the first major monograph in this century to explore some variations on faculty psychology [and] is the best. Where Fodor (, ) draws the line of modularity at the Perceptual plasticity and theoretical neutrality: A reply to Jerry Fodor. John C. Marshall, The Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, – Alvin Liberman, Yale University, President, Haskins Laboratories ” Jerry Fodor’s “Modularity of Mind “is a.

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Return to Book Page. Pragmatics, modularity and mind-reading. This is part of what the author calls the central system. In defense of massive modularity. Cognitive impenetrability is a matter of encapsulation relative to information stored in central memory, paradigmatically in the form of beliefs and utilities. The first can be characterized as a horizontal view because it refers to mental processes as if they are interactions between faculties such as memory, imagination, judgement, and perception, which are not domain specific e.

Dustin Stokes – – Philosophy Compass 8 7: These and related considerations suggest that the case for cognitive penetrability—and by extension, the case against low-level modularity—is weaker than its proponents make it out to be.

That leaves the third option: Though Carruthers goes to heroic lengths to do so, the evidence he cites—e. But just as the scope of an AI system may be limited by the total capacities of its input systems, the human mind is to some degree encapsulated by its inputs and likewise limited. For example, many people moularity able produce a mirrored language stream that trails the original by an astonishing one-quarter of a second. Roughly, they’re the genera which guarantee that linguistically expressed law-like regularities will possibly!

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Modularity of Mind

The modularity of thought and the epidemiology of representations. So in this way they are encapsulated; another frequent descriptive term is “modular”. The second strand is negative.

Selected pages Title Page. Ships from and sold by Erick’s Books. Eric Mandelbaum – – Inquiry: But any intellectually inclined person will want to know in virtue of what do we do these things? In contrast to the vertical input systems, each covering a single cognitive domain, the central system is horizontal, sharing cognitive data from more than one input system. Is the mind organized horizontally or vertically or both, and what are the consequences to psychology of proceeding on one assumption or the other?

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This entry has no external links. So the argument falters at the first step. An enthusiast of Quinean naturalized epistemology, Fodor is also sympathetic to Quinean holism: Diachronic modules are systems that exhibit parametric variation over the course of their development.

Movularity – – In Robert J. One of the most notable aspects of Fodor’s work is that it articulates features not only of speculative cognitive architectures foxor also of current research in artificial intelligence. In particular, he argues that such systems are not informationally encapsulated.

On the Input Problem for Massive Modularity. But speed is relative, so minr best way to proceed here is by way of examples. Consider, for example, the claim that throwing a heavy ball vs.

A roadmap for the cognitive scientist.

Like enzymes, specialized computational devices at the central level of the architecture accept a restricted range of inputs analogous to biochemical substratesperform specialized operations on that input analogous to biochemical reactionsand produce outputs in a format useable by other computational devices analogous to biochemical products. It also seems plausible, however, that the traditional sense modalities vision, audition, olfaction, etc.


Unfortunately for friends of massive modularity, this argument, like the argument from design, is vulnerable to a number of objections Wilson, Buy the selected items together This item: Here again, the analogy between scientific thinking and thinking in general underwrites the supposition that belief fixation is Quinean.

The Modularity of Mind by Jerry A. Fodor

Relatedly, evidence of the cognitive penetrability of perception has given rise to worries about the justification of perceptual beliefs Siegel, ; Stokes, The most amazing and basic thing about the mind is that it parses Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Computation and CognitionCambridge, MA: The Modularity of Mind by Jerry A.

Fodor is not known for his reader friendliness or friendliness at allbut I hear this is one of his milder works. However, this book is surprisingly relevant to the 21st century, where the study of neuroscience is advancing towards an integrative approach.

Is vision continuous with cognition? Fodor argues that this sort of process cannot be realized in an informationally encapsulated system, and hence that central systems cannot be modular. More specifically, Carruthers draws a distinction between two kinds of encapsulation: Um, probably doorknobs or any artifact. Joeq rated it it was amazing Nov 24,

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