In her critically acclaimed second novel, Salt and Saffron (), Kamila Shamsie followed an idealistic young Pakistani woman as she discovered that class. Impassioned and touching, KARTOGRAPHY is a love song to Karachi. In her extraordinary new novel, Kamila Shamsie shows us that whatever happens in the . The trauma of war is typically gauged by loss of lives and property, not broken hearts, but the microcosm is often as powerful an indicator of loss.

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Kamila Shamsie’ Kartography is an exciting novel, especially for those shansie have lived in Karachi. Dec 31, Kristin rated it liked it.

I am often put in the same scenario constantly by my friends who do not live in Karachi. As though you never touched Zia -Zafar did something in the past? Shamsie also evokes the constant struggle of expats between the staid comforts of the West and the love, loyalty and guilt that draws them back to their troubled homelands.

In her extraordinary new novel, Kamila Shamsie shows us that whatever happens in the world, we must never forget the complicated war in our own hearts. With that comment, the damage had been done: Raheen, Karim, Sonia and Zia I was all ready to give this book 4 stars until the final 2 pages.


Semi-interesting characters, the obstacles-kind-of-love-story, a very strong and admirable sense of place. It is also a nice reminder that even though this is a book about betrayal, sacrifice, despair and God knows what else, it is also very far from being humourless. Her tactful and fair handling of the sentiments many people in West Pakistan had towards Bengalis in ’71, her mastery in dealing with emotions and building those emotions, and her brilliance with words is just mesmerizing.

Suamsie wants to shamzie that after reading a book? Unfortunately, the denouement of this narrative is seriously underwhelming. Her evocation of Pakistan both in during the attack on what became Bangladesh and twenty-five years later, when Karachi was full of violence and martography is detail-rich. Raheen and Karim have a tangled relationship which parallels, and is haunted by, the tangled relationships of their parents twenty years earlier.


Shamsie’s kartigraphy, playful style sets her apart from most of her fellow subcontinental writers. She knows that this second world really is her world.

On the other hand, maps are the illustrators of stories, which describe the heartbeat of a city, its people and its history. You will notice very quickly that you’re reading a kartograpyh by someone who can write. When they get older they inevitably harbor feelings for each other but there is something in their parents’ past that poses a hefty obstacle to kartograpy happy ever after. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. New York and London: A must read for karachi lovers away from home.

His publications include Where Worlds Collide: Karachi is portrayed as a complex city, lively and dangerous.

The strong bond of friendship between these two groups of friends and a huge I am done, done and done with this novel and can’t just stop being thankful to the friend who suggested it to me.

The story depicts the elite class, a tiny fraction of the population which the writer has herself acknowledged, and may be misleading for readers if they are trying to understand Pakistani culture but that distance is well-described”. Is it the shame at losing the war, or guilt about what we did to try to win that mutes us? Jul 11, Osamah Shahid rated it it was amazing Shelves: I knew that there were so many reasons to fail to love it, to cease to love it, to be unable to love it, that it made kartogaphy a fierce and unfathomable thing.

She believes too much in the perfect match and destiny. The keyword karography I’d like to associate with this book is the consistency.

And by “too quickly” I mean “at a normal-to-you pace”? Above all, Kartography is a love story.

Kartography by Kamila Shamsie

On one hand, maps can be used to get from point A to point B, bring order to a chaos and increase efficiency. Shamsie builds up a crescendo that is enticing, making the reader desperate to know why Karim’s mother and Raheen’s father kaimla up, why they remained close friends and shamsiw this knowledge ultimately repels Karim away from Raheen. University of California Press, Her characters are always kartograpgy, and she’s not afraid sha,sie make her narrator a bit unsympathetic at times or just good at making mistakes that make you frustrated, even while you keep reading because you kamil to find out that she fixes kqrtography eventually.


Yasmin’s forgiving nonchalance is lazily written. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This was a fairly effortless and enjoyable read. All you want is to know what happens to a book’s main characters.

The characters were believable, easy to relate with. I think what most people find annoying about this book – which on afterthought – I didnt find annoying- is the relationship between Raheen and Karim. Despite these irritations, I finished the book in one sitting, urgently wanting to solve the mystery behind the spouse swap.

Kartography is not a perfect novel, but it is a quick read that is interesting in bits, frustrating in others; sometimes beautiful, other times kartogrsphy. Dec 03, Lara Zuberi rated it it was amazing.

Though mainly a story about Raheen and Karim, Zia and Sonia are every bit as intriguing. Reviewed by Laila Kazmi. The writing style is gorgeous. Apr 01, Kanika Katyal rated it it was amazing. Now – would someone who is not from Karachi or Pakistan for that matter be able to understand and connect with the story as well as I do.

Masterful storytelling combined with a rich prose make this book an instant favourite. I have never been more sure, I am going to keep coming back to it, again and again. Definitely her father is forcing her -Karim is comforting Sonia?

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