Imet Kevin Mitnick for the first time in , during the filming of a Discovery Channel Kevin put me in touch with the agent who books his speeches. She. Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most wanted computer hacker, managed to hack into some of the country’s most powerful – and seemingly impenetrable – agencies. The world’s most famous hacker discusses his new book, his exploits, his imprisonment and his success. Meet the Ghost in the Wires, Kevin.

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I couldn’t put this book down from beginning to end, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thrilling non-fictional ride. Kevin Mitnick does an excellent job of giving readers a look into the mind of a social engineer kevib the up rise of technology. Good enough to keep me listening anyway. The people he social-engineered who were potentially fired or demoted for having compromised their companies? I remember when I worked in technical support, for example, and ran into some yhe cases.

You broke into premises and stole from peoples desks, you stole dead babies identities, you racked up thousands of dollars of phone bills on half the population of Denver. Mitnick keeps the structure of wire book strictly chronological, with just enough foreshadowing to whet our appetites in anticipation of future events.

But, it’s not a normal passion, it’s an all-consuming passion that seeps from every pore of their being. Kevin Mitnick is the world’s most famous hacker, global bestselling author, and the top cybersecurity keynote speaker. I didn’t sell it or distribute it. I ended up really enjoying the hunt for his capture and how he was moving and trying to stay ahead.

As Mitnick points out several times in his own story, his escapades are remarkable enough without dires crazy rumors that grew around his legend over the years.

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker by Kevin D. Mitnick

Well, thanks to the book, the sting and the “betrayal” was taken out of the equation. I’d sooner read the sympathetic diaries of John Wayne Gacy than revisit Mr. I found it a tne repetitive at times as we go from how he hacked into one system after another after another. Many other reviewers have described this book better than I can. There are two main problems with this book: It spends comparably much less detailing the actual computer and phreaking hacking that he did.


If you are so inclined, each chapter begins with a challenge that requires a bit of skill to decipher. His repeated surprise that anyone would be interested in what he was doing, much less want to arrest and prosecute him is amusing. Mitnick has embraced the new definition of Hacker.

Mitnick repeatedly asserts that he wasn’t interested in committing any kind of criminal act so much as he enjoyed the thrill of seeing if he could do something and how it could be done.

What kind of threats are big right now? Some of the rumors that developed around him over the years were pretty ludicrous.

HardcoverFirst Editionpages. At the time, Mitnick ghosg his book The Art of Deception and discussion in general terms how he wasn’t necessarily a hacker so much as a social engineer.

Ghost in the Wires: The Kevin Mitnick Interview | ZDNet

How much of Kevin Mitnick’s work have you seen? His real motivation time and time again was the sheer thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a difficult mission accomplished.

It’s especially priceless to hear him slam other people for being arrogant, as this book is a massive paean to him and his technological prowess. For example, if you accept email attachments ekvin part of your business, you’re introducing risk.

The foreword is written kevon Steve Wozniak whose book iWoz I read last year. Jul 22, Elena Johansen rated it did not like it Shelves: I even wrote a term paper on it in High School. I do not believe “addict” to be too strong a word, as throughout the entire book, he talks about not being able to help himself, even when he’s having to take on new identities and become a fugitive.


The story is lost in this emphemera. His attitude drove me nuts, dude, you’re a hacker, you broke in and stole stuff. Readers also get the chance to view the US Governments way of handling scenarios they had no true control over, arresting Mitnick on false terms such as having the capability to launch a Nuclear missile with the touch of a button.

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

As others have said, it very much reads like a suspense novel at times. He’s arguably the most famous, or at least the most notorious computer “hacker” of his time.

This is a biography, which means it’s laid out from Mitnick’s point of view ghosy chronicles his life, obviously paying special attention to the computer hacking parts That is nonsense and am glad that it never came up in his proceedings.

Nov 09, Bookworm Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is well written, entertaining, and nicely paced. I just wanted to smack the guy.

Ghost in the Wires: The Kevin Mitnick Interview

Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous former computer hacker, has been the subject of countless news and magazine articles, the idol of thousands of would-be hackers, and a one-time “most wanted” criminal of cyberspace, on the run from the bewildered Feds.

I feel like I learnt something from reading this book and enjoyed being out of my comfort zone. What’s the most secure OS? The story of Mitnick’s hacking, his two and a half year evasion of the police and FBI and his subsequent trial is constantly engaging and occasionally exciting, filled with tips, quirky asides, and the occasional bit of jargon pitched Kevin Mitnick is an arrogant jerk.

You can never remove all risk.

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