Selected as the CBC Canada Reads Winner! “A dazzling display of fictional footwork The author has not written just another hockey novel;. Paul Quarrington’s novel, Galveston, was nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize; King Leary won the CBC’s Canada Reads competition and the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Quarrington is the Canadian author of the King Leary – Kindle edition by Paul Quarrington. Download it once and.

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Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. You can use letters: Please avoid special characters excepts: Register now on MuskokaRegion. Paul Quarrington wrote this hockey novel in but it has recently been re-issued and I think that it is the perfect, ‘cottage’ book for the summer.

On the Shelves: King Leary, by Paul Quarrington — the perfect cottage novel

Paul is a prolific Canadian author, screen writer and musician. His band is Pork Belly Futures, which some of you may have seen, as well as his brother Joel, a musician, who often appears in Parry Sound with the Festival of the Sound. Two old men have shared a room in the South Grouse Nursing Home for about six months but they are very longtime friends. They watch other residents gradually die around them, but unfortunately this is the way with nursing homes, no matter how good they are.

One of these men, however is, or has been, very special.

Percival Leary was one of hockey’s great heroes of the past, known as, “King of the Ice”. Louis Whirligig”, a movement, so we are told, of “unspeakable beauty”.

King Leary

Leary is still in fairly good shape for being about 90 years old, but his friend, Edmund Hermann, known to all as “Blue”, is an alcoholic and nicotine wreck who, as a journalist, used to write extensively about Percival in his heyday and chronicled all his exploits.

  750-612 WAGO PDF

He is called Blue because his alcoholism causes him to see everything through a blue haze. He is in a bad way and does not have long to go. Leary believes that he is all but forgotten now, but then suddenly he receives a call from a journalist, Claire Redford, and he can’t make out quarfington first if it is a man or woman phoning.

This person it turns out to be a woman represents the company, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, which wants to produce a series of TV commercials featuring past and present quarrjngton greats. These start to mount up as Percival insists that Blue accompany him and that also means caregivers from the home must go along to look after them.

All quarringto finally arranged, however, and off they go. The story then reverts to Leary’s younger kng.

King Leary – Wikipedia

Born in Ottawa and loving the Rideau Canal he became a hockey enthusiast from the time that he first laced up his skates and sped off on it’s smooth frozen surface. He was, however, a bit of a tearaway and, having been egged on to perform several unsavoury tricks in his neighbourhood, wound up being accused of arson and a very unsympathetic judge sentenced him to the Bowmanville reformatory for boys until the age of sixteen.

On being taken there by train he was met by what can only be called four very ugly monks who drove him in a horse and cart to the reformatory which resembled nothing less than a castle. It was fronted by a sign that said, “To keep a boy out of hot water put him on ice”.

And that is what these strange but kindly monks did. By December they had a rink built and flooded. These monks Percival found,one of whom was practically blind, were expert hockey players! The blind Brother Isaiah was a goalie and somehow managed to quarrihgton almost all the others from scoring! But it was Brother Simon who performed the Whirligig where he seemed lary just float in the air. He was enchanted by this manoeuvre but it took Percival months to perfect it himself.


Through this strange quartet of men he became a first rate young hockey player. From then on the story covers Leary’s life from his playing with the All Ontario Champions for sixteens and under through a series of memories mixed in with the confused dreams of an old man.

At sixteen he runs away from Bowmanville, lies about his age, and signs up to fight in WW1. He survives and then follows the story of his career to his quxrrington a star player and his meeting with Edmund Hermann who wrote about it all.

It is a very lery life,sometimes good and sometimes not very good as I am sure that most famous hockey players’ lives are. The story ends with a rather traumatic visit to the Sports Hall of Fame in Toronto where he sees pictures and trophies of himself and many of his old buddies down through the years.

Not being too well informed about hockey I found it rather difficult to sort out the real life players from the imaginary that Quarrington has in his novel but I’m sure that most readers will not have this problem. The book is dedicated to King Clancy from whom he borrowed a nickname, a birthplace and a bit of the blarney, and I know that HE was real. Business Dec 29, Quarringgton Dec 29, Community Dec 27, News Dec 28, X Enter keyword s to search for the quarrngton listing and community content.

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