Kozen’s Guide – Aion Leveling & Mastery Guide Comes with the following: Abyss PVP Guide Elyos & Asmodian Leveling Guide Crafting &. Kozen Guides provides good detail and lots of information for Aion players, in addition to member forums and videos. Both of these contain lots. I paid for the Kozen Aion Guide. However, when I tried to download it (yesterday), the link went to a parked Go Daddy page. I tried contacting them, but so far.

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Noah Ang August 25, Retrieved from ” http: Aion abyss guideaion guideaion guide reviewaion masteryaionmasteryasmodian guideelyos guidekinah guidekozen guidekozen guide reviewkozenguidekozenguides. From The Aion Wiki.

What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. In case players are concerned about their Aion account being terminated if they use Kozen Guide the site owners report that their online manual is in compliance with the rules of the gaming company and will not lead to players being banned.

More advanced players may not find this information very useful or helpful, however, and may decide they want to move past that part. The first ten levels have the most information, supposedly so that brand new players can learn the intricate rules of the game and what they need to do to advance. Contents 1 10 Aion Guides in One 1.

Aion Kozen Guide (Always up to date)

According to their FAQ, they are always including new information in their guides that provide important tips for players. Kozen’s Aion Guide is actually 10 Aion guides in one!

For players of Aion, Kozen Guide, located at www. As players move past the tenth level kozzen the Aion Kozen Guide, the guide becomes less detailed and has more straightforward information. Kozen Guides provides good detail and lots of information for Aion players, in addition to member forums and videos.


Get the Kozen Aion Guide. They also provide guides for each individual quest in the Aion game. Players from beginners to advanced can benefit from the information provided in this online game manual.

The Asmodian Leveling Guide shows the fastest way to level up from 1 to 50 with full maps and many screenshots. The guide is also up-to-date, providing a complete leveling manual for Aion players.

Aion Kozen Guide (Always up to date)

The PvP player-vs-player guide shares strategies and tactics in all areas of Aion, especially the Abyss. Know everything about Aion, from leveling to making money, in the Kozen Aion Guide. See the forums koze for complete information on how to set your profile image and use the forums effectively.

Customers can also receive updates to the guide free of charge based on the updates made to the game. The guide focuses less on grinding and more on questing. Noah Ang August 25, Kozen Guides provides good detail and lots of information for Aion players, in addition to member forums and videos. The Aion Kozen Guide provides plenty of screenshots with precise information for players.

Kozen Aion Guide thread. Both of these contain lots of leveling tips.

kozen guide – MMORPG Guide Reviews

Level up more quickly by following the Elyos and Asmodian leveling guides Make more money with the Kinah guide Survive in the Abyss by reading the Abyss and PvP guides Read about all 10 guides below. It also covers fortresses, artifacts, Abyss points and Abyss ranks. Kozen Guide Review Author: These guides also provide information about enchantments and magical items so that players can learn what these do and how to use them. So is KozenGuide a scam or is it legit? The Kozen guide is constantly being updated and offers free updates for all members.


This guide makes leveling through this game easy. This will allow players to purchase advanced weapons and armor so they become more and more difficult to eliminate. Members also enjoy exclusive access to the Kozen Aion forum with videos and discussions about the guide and about Aion. In the earlier levels, this amount of detail can be extremely useful for brand new players of Aion.

There are also screenshots provided to help advanced players, but it is assumed that you know the rules once you get to this point. These updates occur on a weekly basis.

The advanced strategies provided in the Aion Kozen Guide Package are given based on what players have to do to advance through the quests. A good KozenGuide review should also touch on whether or not the guide can be trusted. Users can contact the site owner if they would like to request a refund.

The Aion title guide describes how titles in Aion are different than in most games, and how they provide useful bonuses to give you that aaion edge. Players using the Aion Kozen Guide will be shown how to gain the most experience possible while playing Aion Online, which will allow them to level faster.

See the free preview.

Discover the nuances of the Aion rifts, how to avoid attacks from rifts and how to launch attacks against the other faction.

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