Kunihiko Kasahara – Origami Omnibus. Author: Kunihiko Kasahara Title: Origami Omnibus Format: PDF Size: 20 Mb Host: Mega Download. Origami Omnibus has ratings and 8 reviews. Lili said: I have great nostalgia for this book, back when I was in high school and went from a passing in. Origami Omnibus by Kunihiko Kasahara, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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If you don’t have this book in your collection yet, you need to get it. If you already have it, you should omniubs it up and re-read it, as you’ll surely find something new every time!

This book is filled with theory and diagrams of every genre of origami in existence. We have masks, Animals of every kind, realistic and more abstract, modular and geometric shapes, as well as discussions about mathematical, aesthetic and design aspects of origami, introduction to crease patterns, and more.

Every chapter is brimming with ideas and challenges. In fact, this book is so big, that when the Hebrew version was published in Israel, it was split into 3 separate volumes!

Geometric and other shapes. Imaginary beings – Demons. Religion and Holidays – Eastern Religions. Mammals – Felidae – Lions. Mammals – Primates – Gorillas. Flora – Trees and Plants. Toys – Action Models.


Dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex. Birds – Galliformes – Peacocks. Mammals – Rhinocerotidae – Rhinoceros.

Birds – Gruiformes – Cranes. Birds – Pelecaniformes – Herons and Ibises. Birds – Falconiformes – Birds of prey. Mammals – Marsupialia – Koalas. Mammals – Felidae – Cats. Mammals – Camelidae – Llamas. Mammals – Canidae – Dog Family. Mammals – Canidae – Dogs. Mammals – Rodentia – Kasaahara, Mice and Rodents. Mammals – Rodentia – Squirrels. Mammals – Elephantidae – Elephants. Mammals – Ursidae – Pandas. Mammals orgiami Equidae – Horses and Donkeys.


Imaginary beings – Dragons. Objects – Candles and Light. People – Anatomic parts.

Imaginary beings – Vampires. Birds – Anseriformes – Ducks and Geese. Birds – Suliformes – Cormorants and Gannets. Birds – Anseriformes – Swans. Birds – Columbiformes – Pigeons. Birds – Galliformes – Hens and Pheasants. Imaginary beings – Angels. Origami Omnibus by Kunihiko Kasahara Published: I believe this book to be one of the most important origami books ever to be published.

Show kunihimo designs with photos. Tato Objects – Wallets.

Ornament Geometric and other shapes. Decorative sphere Geometric and other shapes. Grinning old man mask People. Celestial general mask Imaginary beings. Demon mask Imaginary beings – Masahara. Pinocchio mask Media and Culture. Folded by Yoshiaki Ichikawa. Singer of Antiwar songs Music and Musicians. Kamui – Demon mask Imaginary beings – Demons.

Lion mask Mammals – Felidae – Lions. Gorilla mask Mammals – Primates – Gorillas. Rouge container Objects – Wallets. Crow Birds – Passeriformes.

Grass Flora – Trees and Plants. Jumbo unit spinning top Toys – Omnibu Models. Cubes Geometric and other shapes. Dice Toys – Games.

Cube with Pierrot face Geometric and other shapes. Cube with panda face Geometric and other shapes. Regular pentagonal knot Geometric and other shapes. Skeleton of a hexahedron Geometric and other shapes.

Skeleton of a regular octahedron Geometric and other shapes. Skeleton of a regular tetrahedron Geometric and other shapes. Skeleton of a regular dodecahedron Geometric and other shapes. Skeleton of a regular icosahedron Geometric and other shapes.


Containers Boxes and Containers. Menko Letters and Envelopes. Solid figure I Geometric and other shapes. Solid figure II Geometric and other shapes. Tyrannosaurus Dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex. Peacock Birds – Galliformes – Peacocks. Rhinoceros Mammals – Rhinocerotidae – Rhinoceros. Square flat unit – iso area Geometric and other shapes. Puzzle cube 1 Toys – Puzzles. Five pointed star Geometric and other shapes. Folded by Malachi Brown. Puzzle cube Toys – Puzzles.

Cube A – bisecting I Geometric and kasahafa shapes. Cube C – bisecting horizontally Geometric and other shapes.

Origami Omnibus: Paper Folding for Everybody by Kunihiko Kasahara

Cube D – bisecting on the diagonal Geometric and other shapes. Rectangular lid for cube D Geometric and other shapes. Square lid for cube C Geometric and other shapes. Rhombic lid for cube E Geometric and other shapes. Building block bisection Geometric and other shapes. Cube F Geometric and other shapes.

Origami Omnibus : Paperfolding for Everybody

Crane – flying Birds – Gruiformes – Knihiko. Crane in flight Birds – Gruiformes – Cranes. Condor Birds – Falconiformes – Birds of prey. Koala Mammals – Marsupialia – Koalas. Persian cat Mammals – Felidae – Cats. Llama Mammals – Camelidae – Llamas. Fox Mammals – Canidae – Dog Family. Beagle Mammals – Canidae – Dogs.

Monkey and young Mammals – Primates. Squirrel Mammals – Rodentia – Squirrels. Elephant Mammals – Elephantidae – Elephants.

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