ERTOFLEX is a ready-to-mix hydraulic waterproofing mortar for the protection of LANKO can be directly covered with ceramic tiles or stones using the. GRIS. ERTOFLEX. CHARACTERISTICS. Resistant to micro-cracking. Interior /exterior use. Flexible. Non-toxic (BS ). Available in grey or white. LANKO. For waterproofing rendered Concrete and Masonry Lanko Mortar offers protection from micro cracking, pressure stress, and leaks under surfaces.

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Backed by a team of qualified professionals, we are providing a quality proven assortment of Dr. Call Send a quick message. Pictures would help more. Instant setting hydraulic mortar, stopping water leakage – Ready to mix powder. Hi, I think you may be using materials which aren’t ideal, It does look yery Sukhothai but unless you would like to rebiult it totally at some stage then you will have to create a barrier or membrane between the water inside and the bricks, If you wanted to keep that look you could drain the pond and rebuild it using mose suitable materials and rebuilding th outside with the existing red bricks, only in a veneer style.

Venice to charge tourist entry fee for short stays.

Talaad Thai Residence, Pathumthani

They are clearly much weaker than the small red bricks favoured by Thai brickies, and are similar to the ones used to construct the old temples. We are also well known for our consultation of proper products and their application. By crayonmuncher Started 29 minutes ago. Self Adhesive PE 1x20M 1.


Thailand Live Tuesday 1 Jan We would appreciate if you would give us an opportunity to provide you our best service Assuming the render was mixed correctly with waterproofing additives, it still would be a good idea to put two coats of epoxy paint, which would be better for the fish anyhow. Organic-based bituminous painting specially designed to prime and prepare mortar, metallic sheets and wood before welding bituminous sheets. Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive the latest updates about Thailand 2226 in your inbox.

Colinneil the new POTY!

Goodluck with your build in the photo, looks good. View Contact Call Seller Now. How much time do you have on your hands?

Posted March 17, You make a good point but I would still leave the brickwork before doing any kind of weather sealing if it was something that oanko being decided to do. By dingaMarch 11, in DIY housing forum.

226 Dr. Fixit Polymer Mortar HB

We are well known contractors in the field of civil repairs and all kind of Painting work. Damp proof underlay film 4x25M. Crack Repair Mortar in Pune.

Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship. How handy are you? Is it the case you just used some duff bricks.?


Are you able to replace the ones that are crumbling, that’s your best option if you can. Next weekend, will drain and refill before putting the lotus’ and fish back in Lanko is supposedly not toxic to fish, but just to be sure People will say it doesn’t exist, they are ill informed or just lazy to get it for you.

Posted March 18, Fixit Polymer Mortar HB in the market.

I’m really pleased with the outcome, but now a few of the bricks are crumbling and I’d appreciate any suggestions about how the bricks can be treated to prevent any further deterioration one thought was to drain the pond and apply an epoxy paint to the 2226 rendering – if moisture is the problem. Can be used both for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

By webfact Started 2 hours ago.


Get best deals for coconut. The lack of pain relief medication available in Thailand. Product Description Backed by a team of qualified professionals, we are providing a quality proven assortment of Dr. By webfact Started 29 minutes ago.

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