In , sociologist and ordained Episcopalian minister Laud Humphreys published his book The Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public. Ethics Controversies: Case Studies – Debates about the ethics of the Tearoom Trade Study Methodology. In the ‘s PhD student in sociology Laud. Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places. 2. \; f! ri. ‘; i’. ~j. ~. ” I. I.j. Ij. ‘e.:~ f :’ t. lAUD HUMPHREYS. ‘”,. “,. At shortly after five o’clock on a weekday.

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He stationed himself in “tearooms” and offered to serve as “watchqueen” – the individual who keeps watch and coughs when a police car stops nearby or a stranger approaches. Retrieved from ” https: Research ethics materials wimba 2. Humphreys asserted that the men participating in such hjmphreys came from diverse social backgrounds, had differing personal motives for seeking sexual partners in such venues, and variously self-perceived as “straight,” “bisexual,” or “gay.

He then referred Humphreys to a restroom in another park known to tradd frequented by homosexuals and isolated from the unrelated presence of African-Americans that had increased police activity.

Their alternative source of sex had to be quick, inexpensive, and impersonal. A year later and carefully disguised, Humphreys appeared at their homes claiming to be a health-service interviewer and interviewed them about their marital status, race, job, and so on. Views Read Edit View history. The turmoil resulted in numerous other unfortunate events, including a fist fight among faculty members and the exodus of about half of the department members to positions at other universities.

Many would count this as a social benefit. Thirdly, Humphreys believed that a scientist must protect his subjects, regardless of the cost to the researcher.


The Tearoom Trade | SexInfo Online

Understanding Human Sexuality 9th ed. Brekhus, and David P. Most have found his most serious ethical violation the way he disguised himself and went to mens’ homes trase a false pretext, invading their privacy. He completed his dissertation ingraduated with his PhD Towards the end of his life, Humphreys worked as a consultant for trare forces and offered his expertise in trdae subcultures and homophobic violence during testimonies in court cases.

Entering and exiting a tearoom quickly and efficiently resulted in less explaining that a man needed to provide to his family in order to justify his absences. In the ‘s PhD student in sociology Laud Humphreys studied men who have sex with other men in public restrooms of city parks.

If discovered, knowledge of the deviant sexual behavior would threaten the stability of their families. Prophet of Homosexuality and Sociology.

Typically, tearooms were located in public parks. The Best and Worst of Sociology. Most social scientists agree that observing people’s acts in public spaces is not unethical, as long as people are not identified. Humphreys wanted to understand the relationship between these men’s anonymous homosexual acts and their public lives.

The couple had two children, Claire and David. They were men whose marriages were marked with tension; most of the 38 percent were Catholic or their wives were, and since the birth of their last child conjugal relations had been rare.

Others have said no researcher should have such power over others, no matter how good tdade intentions are.

Laud Humphreys and the Tearoom Sex Study

The tearoom activities were impersonal. Those who were willing to talk openly with him tended to be among the better-educated members of the “tearoom trade.


The dissertation proposal was reviewed only by Humphreys’ Ph. Was this article helpful to you?

Merely engaging in sexual acts with the same gender could merit an arrest, and this risk increased significantly gearoom the acts were conducted in a public facility. He moved to California, earned certification as a psychotherapist, and established his own private counseling service.

Research ethics materials wimba 2.doc

They wanted only some form of orgasm-producing action that was less lonely than masturbation and less involving than a love relationship. Retrieved June 20, Does the value of gaining information about sexual practices justify the violation of people’s privacy? Humphreys got his information by acting as “watch queen”, playing the role of lookout and warning the men if anyone was coming.

Inhe entered graduate school at Washington University St.

A furor arose when some of those other members of the department objected that Humphreys’ research had unethically invaded the privacy and threatened the social standing of the subjects, and petitioned the president of Washington University to rescind Humphreys’ Ph.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. The Author Laud Humphreys entered the field of sociology after serving for ten years as a clergyman in the Episcopal Church. That is, only 14 percent were members humphfeys the gay community and were interested in primarily homosexual relationships Humphreys,

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