Le Dindon (or The Dupe) is about the consequences of getting caught by one’s spouse. A “dindon” is a young male turkey, in Feydeau’s time a. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Le Dindon» de Georges Feydeau Un vaudeville revisité par Rosario Amedeo, metteur en scène. Deux jeunes femmes qui ont juré de prendre un amant si elles .

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All of the actors are wonderfully over the top and having a great time But the great fun here is in watching this talented cast double and triple up on roles.

Witty banter, along with exaggerated physicality, are at the heart of The Dingdong. Even the most pursed lip might be cajoled to laugh out loud. This lw does everything right Much of the fun of the play is seeing the same actors return over and over again in different roles feeydeau within a matter of seconds. Time and again, we see a player depart and—presto chango! A nifty little spree which clocks in at under two hours.


Silly fun abounds in the bed-hopping, door-slamming sex farce “The Dingdong, or How the French Kiss” There’s no question about the genuine laughs produced by “The Dingdong.

Vatelin is a faithful husband — mostly. Lucy is a faithful wife — kind of.

The Policeman and The Dingdongs. Pearl Dingdong Bellboy and Mandy.

Sauce for the Goose – review

Pearl Dingdong Redillon and Mandy. Redline and Vatelin The Dingdong.

The Dingdong- A Big Misunderstanding. The Dingdong- The Ladies. Vatelin and Fabiola in The Dingdong. The Dingdong by Mark Shanahan. T2 Fabiola and Vatelin. For Additional INformation Please email: Original Dinddon by Tim Luecke.

Le Dindon by Georges Feydeau

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