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Leggo can find many examples on Brickshelf of what they can be 69883 for. Great review, as for the bonus points, they were used to get free membership’s to the Lego club, collect enough, mail them away and in a month you get your first issue. It’s quite large, but as you said the base construction is rather simplistic and uninspiring, and the whole area above the 16×32 baseplate is nearly unused.

I hope I’ve at least made some sense in explaining why I dislike this set and line, instead of just saying “this sucks. But I wasn’t able to get one. The dish’s incline will be controlled by the rack.

Unfortunately, I only own three small sets. Compared with Ice Planetthe stickers coming lefo each set of the Power Miners series are really annoying.

Those magnets could make a lot of current sets tons better, especially for agents, PM, and SP3. Incidently, Commander Cool was Commander Bear in the UK sorry if someone else has highlighted that, haven’t read through the thread yet!

I recall thinking that those skis both the little orange ones and the long white ones were the coolest. The third part is the part that will hold the actual rocket and move it into its upright position.

The first of the two vehicles is a small sled-like vehicle used by the explorers to quickly track down the rockets that have returned from space and have put their sattelites in orbit.

The two vehicles included allow for off-base scenarios, while the three different minifigs give you a nice dynamic in your play scenarios around the base. A bump of the table, and the structure literally flies off the plate now. I rate this an outstanding, hands down.


LEGO Ice Station Odyssey Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

I think your appreciation of this set will really depend on what you’re looking for in a Lego set. You can turn the blue round 2×2 brick to move the launch rig back and forth and the satellite dish up and down.

As usual, we start with the smallest models in the set. It was really well done in respect to both the text and pictures. I wish they’d use magnets in the sets again, but there’s some safety issues with magnets in toys in general.

The diversity also helps in creating scenarios: But as a playset, it’s alright. I rate lebo “Above average”. I never did figure out what’s up with those Points seals though. Oh yes, and I never got that bitchin’ looking Deep Freeze Defender. I loved Ice Planet, and it was one of the space themes I played elgo as a kid. Well, this box was pretty darn big, so you can forget about sticking the front of it on an A4-sized piece of cardboard.

Like the rocket carrier, it uses two trans-orange hinge panels with arrow tiles and several black plates to hold the rocket. The first steps are spent 6893 some extra supports around the raised part of the baseplate. If you’re looking for a big challenging build, this is not the set for you.

LEGO Ice Station Odyssey Set 6983

I understand, since I’m the same way with anybody dissing my Classic Star Wars sets, but I’m glad that 69883 can all share our views. The antenna is a neat touch as well. I do have some of the minifigs, however.

It made me remember the only Ice Planet set that I have, the way I loved its features and playability, it was a space car with a rocket, in fact, very very similar to the one featured in this set which disappointed me, because that means I got one of the smallest setseven so what Pego did like about it was its playability It’s supposed to be a big base, but there’s no enclosure at all! If you’re going to do something landbased, ldgo probably want to stick to the raised baseplate, but that can be a bit limiting.


Because I was that smitten with this set when I got it. It’s simply included within the instructions step in a yellow frame examples of which you’ve seen above.

Peeron: Ice Station Odyssey (#)

After the simple build, we’re all ready to play. Like the other parts, it’s a submodel, but not one that gets its own page. I like all the other Ice Planet sets, particularly the outstanding Deep Freeze Defender, but this set never impressed me quite the same way.

If you have read any of my previous reviews, you 6938 have read about my ingenious-but-to-die-hard-collectors-no-doubt-cringe-inducing method of storing boxes: Barebones, blocky spaceships and vehicles, and big ugly wheels on many sets, something I’ve never been fond of.

Instructions For LEGO 6983 Ice Staton Odyssey

Wow, spectacular review, Rapseflaps! Instead, I came up with the next best thing: It provides the base with a nice level area to work on the rockets. After this, there is a large satellite dish that will stick out of the back of the station and is presumably used for lfgo purposes. It pales in comparison to just about all of the other Space bases except possibly

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