Planalto Central do Brazil. Commissao de Istituto Farina. (Seziono Sordomuti.) Istituto dei Sordomuti. Osservatorio. . (In Lei- den.)]. , accessed on 2 (http :// 3, of 12 June (Lei Valentim), imposed an 18% services .. 10,, of 29 December , which regulates the application of AD and CV duties. Office of the President:

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Our results of operations are significantly affected by changes in regulated tariffs for electricity. We are responsible for expanding the kV and 69 kV distribution grid within our concession area.

This wind farm complex will only start production after the necessary transmission lines are completed, which is expected to occur in the first half of Inwe served aboutlow income residential customers. Crown Agents for the Colonies, London. Chef du Service de TAgriculture.

Escuela Panalto de Agricultura y Veterinaria. Department of Agriculture and Commerce. The relative volatility and illiquidity of the Brazilian securities markets may substantially limit your ability to sell the common shares underlying the ADSs at the price and time you desire.

Soerotaria Particular dol Gobiorno del Distrito Fed- eral. The Brazilian government frequently intervenes in the Brazilian economy and occasionally makes significant changes in policy and regulations.

In his Wonderful Adventures of Nils across SwedenSelma Lagerlof compares the island a butterfly who lost his wings in a storm over the Baltic before running aground. Accordingly, when the Brazilian real appreciates against the U.

In either circumstance, if there are significant differences between our 1833 electricity needs and actual demand, our results of operations may be adversely affected. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.


Philosophical Institute of Canterbury. Kir Novenytormelesi Kis6rloti Alhmias. Society of Chemical Industry of Japan. The Brazilian currency has experienced frequent and substantial variations in relation to the U.

Lei 9099 Pdf Planalto

Further, such consumer may only begin acquiring electricity from another supplier in the year following the one in which the local distributor was notified.

We caution you that a number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statement. The free market also covers bilateral agreements between generators and distributors signed under the old model, until they expire. In accordance with IAS 33, when there is an increase in the number of shares without an increase in issued capital, the number of shares is adjusted retrospectively for all prior periods presented.

Department of Land Beeords. Our contracts with Free Customers are typically for periods ranging between two years and five years. Most of the electricity we sell is purchased from unrelated parties, rather than generated by our facilities. For example, in securing the operating license for Barra Grande from IBAMA in Julythe project managers had a productive dialogue with representatives from the Federal Government allowing for both expanded electricity generation and environmental preservation.

Its familiarity with refurbishing equipment also allows it to produce distribution and high-power transformers. Beginning on this date, the wind farms became eligible to bill for energy as required by the rules of the Alternative Sources Auction LFA We are subject to limitations regarding the amount and use of public sector financing, which could prevent us from obtaining financing and implanting our investment plan.


ANEEL has absolute discretion over whether to renew existing concessions, and the acquisition of certain concessions by competing investors could adversely affect our results of operations.

See Royal Botanic Garden. Sales to other consumers, which include public and municipal services such as street lighting, accounted for 8. Small Hydroelectric Power Plants are plants with generation capacity between 5 MW and 30 MW and a reservoir area of up to three square kilometers.

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From the collection of the late P. Administrative sanctions may include substantial fines and suspension of activities, while criminal sanctions may include fines and, for individuals, possible imprisonment, which can be imposed against executive officers and employees of companies who commit environmental crimes.

Focus on further improving our operating efficiency. Engineering Society of the School of Practical Scinuce. We seek to improve the quality and reliability of our power supply, as measured by the frequency and duration of our power outages. Rio Grande Energia S. Under an Energy Agreement, a generator commits to supply a certain amount of electricity and assumes the risk that its electricity supply could be adversely affected by hydrological conditions and low reservoir levels, among other conditions, which could interrupt the supply of lek.

Large 4 to 14 km, it stretches km along the southeast coast of Sweden.

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