Hey everybody, im a noob and im looking into making a caselman airgun or girandoni style automatic gun. (for those of you not familiar with a. The Caselman air machinegun was designed in the late 70s by Jeff Caselman. Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video. Air Machine Gun design, 30 shot clip, selective fire, 32 ACP power, hand held Caselman Explorations, Box , Cameron, MO “.

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Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video. The magazine is sealed to the chamber pressure.

Maybe start with lowpressure one, that way you can use DCVs Directional control valve and qevs and basic stuff like that. I think I would rather have a luty pipe gun… though this would be nice and quiet. Who is online Registered users: The original used a steel tank attached to the gun, with external plumbing directing the air to the air chamber. We even studied Lewis and Clark. You say a low pressure one first?

Im going to get to work on it quite soon. Receiver The receiver tube is made from DOM steel tubing. There are modifications shown here for making a removable magazine housing so drum or other magazine types can be used. The last I heard there were a few flaws in the plans originally sold? Author Message Caselman air machinegun Author: Who is online Registered users: The plans are available for download at a number of locations on the web.


Operation was not reliable and sustainable at rpm, so significant weight was added to the striker to slow the rate of fire down to about rpm.

.32 Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos)

Some thought would be needed in configuring the set-up to keep it compact, streamlined and reasonably user-friendly, but it should be feasible. I wouldn’t mind one of those I went to school when there was such a thing as an education.

That much power in a small calibre needs the couple of thousand psi caselmxn Caselman mmachinegun, which implies pressure rated parts machinegkn will need a significant investment.

You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life. Paintball guns work off of around psi and many were regulated down from there. It looks like a good way to reduce the OAL and complexity of the design without slamming the bolt into the rear of the receiver, at least as opposed to an inline valve. Oh man was that sweet!! SpudFiles skin originally developed by: Another reason why Canada sucks. For those of you not familiar, “an autococker or PGP”.

Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun

More people get killed by 22 LR than any other caliber. This gun was designed with the idea that any and cadelman guns could be banned and ammo could be machibegun or unavailable, this machinnegun why we strongly urge you to have these plans.

Gotta watch out for your local laws; http: Luty took it upon himself to distribute the plans on his website. They were designed to withstand those types of pressure. Assuming a similar projectile weight, I’d say around fps. I ran the math, assuming something like a. Return to General Spud Cannon Related. I retired as Editor in Chief in It would still be casleman challenging project however due to the machingeun of construction required to withstand its high operating pressure.


The password to download it is: I also fry up bacon…with my shirt off. Good work, that is a unique gun! Two methods are shown. Some say he emigrated to become a missionary in the Middle East, others, that he was “taken out” by a hitman hired by a conglomerate of American ammunition manufacturers, and even a rumor circulated amongst those “in the know” that he went to England and joined forces with the ‘Homegunsmith’ to perfect his design and now lives in a secret underground arms manufacturing facility beneath a hop field in south west Kent.

After developing this amazing weapon Jeff Caselman mysteriously disappeared. You see any videos on that site? I founded TFB in and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online.

I believe MrCrowley had linked to some pictures in the past but this link contains the actual drawings. It’s a big step up in hassle compared to the difference between a low and a high velocity air rifle.

Author Message Caselman air machine gun without mill or lathe Author:

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