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Posted by Giovanni at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home. Giovanni Maciocia lectures worldwide as well as offering online webinars and continuing education courses. In the elderly, exterior Wind may easily penetrate the Interior causing bronchitis and pneumonia which is often fatal in old age.

It should be stressed that the Nei Jing was written by many different doctors and edited several times notably during the Song dynasty. It literally means “emitting heat” and it indicates that the patient’s body feels hot, almost burning to the touch: If the person encounters the same influenza virus again while the antibodies are still present, the body is protected and the person should not develop the infection.

The classic symptoms of influenza include fever, malaise, headache, aches and pains in the muscles and joints, and a characteristic dry cough and sore throat.

Heat Victorious agitates Blood. This is because it is very virulent and has a strong tendency to enter the Qi level causing chest infections very quickly.


For example, in China, every urinary problem is due to Damp-Heat, whereas we also see a lot of urinary problems with Dampness but without Heat, and a lot of urinary problems caused by Qi stagnation or Qi sinking. The tongue coating is white because the pathogenic factor is on the Exterior. Toward the end of this phase, he established an herbal company Su Wen Herbs ; developing herbal formulas based on historical antecedents from the classics and modified slightly to fit the commonly seen patterns and pathologies of our modern western patients.

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Stomach and Intestines Dry-Heat. Examples of Wind-Heat diseases which are not Warm diseases are common cold of the Wind-Heat typeglandular mxciocia mononucleosis and any non-specific upper-respiratory infection manifesting with symptoms of Wind-Heat.

At the first signs of the beginning of influenza feeling chills, fever, sore throat take Expel Wind-Heat. Also, the relationship between the Liver and eyes refers to good vision, again, rather than the emotional tears from sadness. A redness in the inner corner of the eyes often indicates Heart-Fire and not necessarily Liver-Fire as we may be inclined to conclude given the close relationship between Liver and eyes.

Maciocia, Giovanni | Pacific College

The “fever”, or hot feeling of the body in external invasions of Wind is due to the struggle between the body’s Qi Zheng Qi and the external pathogenic factor. Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine E-Book: Association of Microbiologists UK website, Las invasiones de Viento-Calor pueden ser de dos tipos: The main manifestations calling for this remedy in this context are: Although this classic does also discuss invasions of Wind-Heat and their treatment, a comprehensive theory of exterior diseases from Wind-Heat was not developed until the late s by the School of Warm Diseases Wen Bing.


For this reason besides containing all the familiar theories, the Nei Jing also has many passages that present unusual theories. Giovanni was born Feb. When the body is thus weakened, even a mild pathogenic factor may cause an external invasion of Wind. A Comprehensive Guide Sep 19, There is one story I shall never forget—at the completion of the Nan Jing course inall the Western students were required to write and verbally present a final paper.

In Acupujcture, Dampness is the predominant pathogenic factor: They came macicoia visit him in Santa Barbara where he died peacefully in his home with his family at his side.

Maciocia Online: DAMP-HEAT

Expel Wind-Heat, resolve Toxic Heat. Indeed, the presence of maculae under the skin always indicate that the Heat has reached the Blood level and the situation is potentially serious. England, and moving to Santa Barbara, California. At the Ying Level, the Heat has penetrated to a deeper energetic layer and it has begun to injure the Yin.

If there is a bad sore-throat with yellow-sticky mucus add:

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