The Door is a novel by Hungarian writer Magda Szabó. The novel concerns the developing relationship between a young Hungarian writer and her. One of The New York Times Book Review’s “10 Best Books of ” An NYRB Classics Original The Door is an unsettling exploration of the relationship. The Door continues to be eerily resonant, as Szabó’s consideration of the changing sociopolitical terrain in s–s Hungary speaks across borders of time.

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She realises that she must employ a housekeeper to be able to dedicate herself to writing full-time.

The book opens with the narrator as an old woman, talking about a reoccurring nightmare where she tries desperately to open the door to her house, but is unable to turn the knob or even speak.

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Trivia About The Door. She is merely an illiterate caretaker named Emerence, but what a character she is!

Magda is a writer, privileged “I know now, what I didn’t then, that affection can’t always be expressed in calm, orderly, articulate ways; and that one cannot prescribe the form it should take for anyone else. It is an insightful exploration of the power of human attachment.

The Door by Magda Szabo is a fictionalized autobiography of the author’s dkor with her octogenarian housekeeper named Emerence Szerebas.


Magda Szabó’s “The Door” – Words Without Borders

Emerence is a tireless worker, but decidedly sets her own rules. The language is English. Showing of reviews. It would ultimately lead to a tragedy and regret.

The Door by Magda Szabó

After an unpromising and caustic start, benign feelings develop and ultimately the writer benefits from what becomes an inseparable relationship. Emerence as Ancient Pagan Spirit When Magda reflects on the inner spirit of this powerful woman, she sprinkles in references to Homer, Hesiod and Greek mythology, references to Sophocles, Euripides and Greek tragedy.

The narrator, a writer, has made accommodations with the government, though these are not spelled out. Emerence is not a demure servant, she comes and goes as she pleases but sometimes she works all night, cleaning everything in sight.

Indeed, the silentbig-boned lady with an impenetrable face and having the persona of a Valkyrie ; Emerence was the strongest of the lot. Also by Magda Szabo. They often just confirm my biases or affirm my actions.

I found the atmosphere of this novel to be full of darkness and despair.

She feeds all the neighborhood sick, sweeps all doorsteps; nothing human and in need is alien to this woman who has hidden refugees across the board from Fascist to Communist. If this however was the difficult task she took on Szabo was up to it and made thd happen.


View all 7 comments. You will have to read this classic novel for yourself to find out. Two weeks ago, I would have given The Door three stars and moved on.

S Byatt ghe vice-versa. The cast of characters are British, the production team Hungarian, and the ambiance of the ‘s era as well as the cultural environment were masterfully done. A mystery that deepened the moment the door was shut.

It has altered the way I understand my own life. It’s a gorgeously rendered story about how two friends can love each other deeply and yet completely misunderstand each other at the most perilous moments. Then there is the pride of the novelist receiving, ghe long last, a coveted writer’s award that stands in her way of saving Emerence in her greatest hour of need. She has an overwhelming need to preserve a veneer of respectability.

Labours of love

ths August group read: Because, do not be mistaken, this is not a mystery book. Things come to a head, a door is opened, and another one is closed. And in that respect, I really loved Emerence.

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